Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy 90th Birthday to my childhood and present-day hero, Buzz Aldrin. I was only 5 when you walked on the Moon but I was glued to the TV watching every moment! Thank you for your service!

Chris Brenek

San Angelo, TX

Happy birthday Dr. Aldrin! As an AE student you inspire me everyday, and I hope your day is amazing and filled with joy!

Emma C

Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday Buzz. You are inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life with us. @titifenycia from Curitiba - Paraná, - Brazil

Fernanda Nycia


Have a wonderful birthday, Buzz! You are always an inspiration to us all! 🙂

Angela Hill

Alton and Angela Hill

Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin. Thank you for your courage, patriotism, service and your continuing efforts to promote the benefits of space exploration.

Keith Hill

Fort Collins, CO

Happy birthday, Buzz! Have a wenderful day, and keep on inspiring us!

Santiago Saccone

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Happy Birthday Buzz! You continue to be an inspiration into the 21st Century & beyond!

Tom LaVelle

Tom LaVelle

Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin! Best wishes for you and your family



Happy Birthday Buzz!

Edwin Crane

Bergenfield NJ

You are likely one of the most agreed upon figures in American history. No one can deny that your bravery, tenacity, and character are second to none. Thank you Buzz for your fighting spirit. It will continue inspiring myself, The United States, and our marvelous planet forever and always.

Matt Fogarty


Hey- Happy birthday Buzz! A real hero! Come back to Houston!- Art

Arthur Pronin


Feliz cumpleaños, Don Buzz! Que Dios lo bendiga con muchos años más! Happy blessed birthday, Buzz!! ? ?????

Esme Izquierdo

Yonkers, NY

Happy birthday Buzz! Wishing you and your family the best.

Brett R

Los Angeles

Many lunar returns of the day!



Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration!

Jo Eggers

Wellington, New Zealand

Happy Birthday, Mr. Aldrin! You are an inspiration to us all, and a true American hero. Best wishes to you and God bless you. ????????????

Karen Michaels


Congratulations, o Poet of the Moon, on living another solar orbit — not just experiencing, but really living — and continuing to be a hero for humanity and astronautical progress! Long may you live on in good health and happiness!

Casey Goranson

Toronto, Canada

Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin! Thank you for instilling a love of science, curiosity, inquiry, and exploration in all of us!



Happy Birthday Mr. Buzz Aldrin!!



Happy b day buzz ! So thrilled to have a living legend amongst us on earth - enjoy ur day to the fullest

Joseph Borg


Happy Birthday, Buzz. May the gravitational force be with you.


Paderborn, Germany

Dear Buzz, Happy 90th Birthday, thank you for all the contribution you've made to mankind through space exploration and research

Drew Smith

Victoria, Australia

Happy birthday from Germany. Have a nice day with your family and friends all over the world.

Maria Wagner


Happy birthday, sir. True hero and patriot.



Happy birthday! Same age as my grandfather is about to turn!

Blake Winter


Happy birthday. Beam me up Buzz , There might be intelligent life up there!

Eli Saba


Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for inspiring me, and getting me into space exploration and science. You are an idol and a role model for many people, thank you!

Brendan Schwartz

Sterling Heights, MI

Happy Birthday and thank you sir for being a inspiration to all of us science geeks. We love you

Buzz Aldrin

Talma Stancil & Mark Olson

Happy birthday, sir!


Albany, GA

Happy Birthday! Thanks for your inspiration and hard work


Costa Rica

i believe you went to the moon, but i don't believe you're 90! best birthday wishes, and may you have many more



Happy birthday to a great America hero and a inspiration to us all.

Leo Smith III

Leo Smith

Happy birthday! Thank you for your service and endeavors!


Courtney and Linda LeCount

Dear buzz happy birthday! You and niel Armstrong are my inspirational hero’s and I look up to you guys. I wish you the best birthday ever God Bless



Happy BIrthday Man!! your amazing!

CJ Moore


Happy birthday, Buzz!

Daniel Malmer

San Francisco, CA

Happy Birthday Sir.

Matthew McCarthy

Matthew McCarthy

Happy 90th! Merlin Dorfman, Montclair High School 1953-1957. MIT 1957-1962, AIAA Fellow, friend of Clary Anderson.

Merlin Dorfman

San Jose, Calif.

Okay, so again, I am not familiar with american history, but, that is a pretty historic moment all over the world.

Carter Elwood

Stockholm, Sweden

Okay, so I am not familiar with american history, but that's cool that you made it on the moon.

Carter Elwood

Carter Elwood

Happy Birthday, Buzz! Thank you for helping revolutionize science as we know it today.



Happy 90th Birthday, Buzz! I hope your future goes well in space! From Connecticut.

Sam Kotaro Stewart

Old Greenwich, CT

-Dear Buzz Happy birthday Buzz, you are a hero to so many, best wishes -Robert Zimmerman

robert zimmerman


Happy birthday!!

Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast

Steve KP

Happy Birthday, Buzz! I was at Yankee Stadium with my Dad (engineer and pilot and an MIT graduate) when you and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, I will never forget that moment for as long as I live. We all just stood and cheered and applauded when the announcement came and for what seemed like an eternity to this 11 year old boy. Best wishes to you always! Chris Hendel Vermont

Chris Hendel

Happy 90th birthday

Adam Jenkins


Thank you Buzz, for being an inspiration to me since I was 5 (I have a photo of you in my room). I always thought you as the best of the Apollo astronauts (with Frank a close second).. Happy birthday and keep living strong!

Matt S.

Seattle, Wahsington

Have a good birthday ? I’m a proud grandad for the first time , born today ?? Buzz Sutherland Reid Hope he lives up to the name

Paul Kelly


Happy Birthday, Dr. Aldrin! Learning more of what actually happened makes me appreciate even more all you endured and accomplished back then and since. I honor your courage to act on what you believe. THANK YOU for continuing to set that example. BLESSINGS on your future!

Phil Gerke


Thank you for inspiring the world and generations to come throughout all the years and many to come. Happy 90th birthday to the Moon and back!! Godspeed and Best wishes Buzz!!

Talal Ali