Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy Birthday Buzz! It was great to see your excitement for Mars. I had a nice chat with you son about habitation in route. We will be there soon! All the best, John

John Tyson II, PE

Trilion Quality Systems

Have a Great day To a Great American Hero. Many more to you Sir.

Henry Stronski

Henry Stronski

Buzz, Have a great 90th birthday!! Peggy Schindler

Peggy and William Schindler

Peggy Schindler

Happy Birthday Buzz. I have always had a fascination with NASA and the space program, and thank God you are the real deal, and have exemplified your courage, resilience and patriotism that a real hero exhibits. Thank you for your service, Buzz! ¹

Judy Naugle

Laurel, Maryland

Thank you for your service to your country and to the world. I was 8 years old when I watched you walk on the moon. I will never forget that day. Happy Belated Birthday!



Dear Dr Aldrin, Happy Birthday and thank you for your inspirational trip to the moon and for espousing scientific achievement. Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon

Happy birthday Buzz I met you several times at Pilar Wayne's Christmas party and I'll tell it to do Dr museum and you still remember me so happy birthday




William Jordan

Victoria Texas

Dear Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin: The most Happy, Healthy and many more years are my wishes to you on your 90th Birthday. I remember vividly your Ap-11 mission landing on the moon, and you saving the day with a pen to get you off the moon again safely. History in the making that will stand for all of mankind for eons as one of man's greatest achievements. Keep up the good work to get us back into space soonest. I have been a loyal supporter of our space program from the start and will continue to do so and hope to see us back on the moon as a starting point for further space explorations.

Erik Kraker

Roanoke, VA

I bought your book at South Coast Plaza many years ago, it was a pleasure to shake your hand, thank you for all your service . Have a great B day, and many more...



HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZZ! You always inspire us to do better and try harder. Thank you for your incredible service!

Barry Denton


Happy birthday many wishes and good health . I have a signed Apollo 11 moon walk picture framed of you that is my absolute favorite that I bought at Cape Canaveral .

To Buzz

Gary R

Hello Buzz, happy birthday one day late. Thank you for all you do!


Prosperity South Carolina

Happy Birthday, and thank you for your service. Congratulations on your moon walk, so exciting!

Pat Vozza

Nixa, MO

Wishing you a Happy 90th Birthday!

Gray Family

Commerce MI

Dear Buzz, I was not allowed to watch your moon walk live as Soviet Union did not broadcast it. Yet, I am still in awe of what you and your crew mates have achieved. Happy birthday!


Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Happy Birthday Buzz.., to the moon and back! Oh wait, you’ve already done that. Seriously, Happy 90th to one of our nations true heroes.

Breck DeWitt

Amelia Island, FL

Happy birthday Buzz What an inspiration you have been to me and so many others. Your incredible achievements are beyond words. As a kid I watched your moon walk on my dads first little TV set and will never forget. Wishing you health , happiness and many more birthdays to celebrate

Detlef Schilling


Hey Buzz, Many Happy Returns on your milestone 90th! I'm an Omega Speedmaster collector and will wear my Gold 50th Anniversary piece today in your honour! What an amazing life you have led sir! All the best Nick

Nick Boon

London, UK

Happy birthday Buzz Aldrin. You're on of my hero



Wishing you a happy 90th birthday . Stay around awhile . We appreciate your service. Mr. Moon alias Buzz all the best.

John B. Kelly

Independence park

Happiest of birthdays Mr Aldrin,you are a man that has our complete respect for your conviction in all you ve done ! I hope to meet you one day and shake your hand.

Vito Suglio

Vito and family

Happy birthday Mister Aldrin! I was truly honored to meet you in Zurich during the Starmus V festival in June 2019. I will keep this moment in my memory... I often think of you and all the pioneers of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs ... What you have all done remains incredible. For the anecdote, my son's teddy is called Buzz ... Happy birthday again Nicolas


Clermont-Ferrand - France

Happy birthday Buzz! I remember that day proudly. You are a real American hero!

Diane Frazier


Happy Birthday Buzz! I was seven years old and my sister and I got to stay up late to see you and Neil step onto the moon. It is my very first memory of something outside my little world. Pretty special first memory and 90 is pretty special too! Best wishes!

Jim Mitchell


Happy birthday Dr. Aldrin. May you have many more wonderful birthdays to come. The world loves you. You will forever be my hero.

Linda Birdwell-Taipala

Cape Canaveral Florida

Happy 90th birthday to an amazing man. We have only lived here on the space coast for 5 years but have learned so much from the space center, movies and books about your life and journeys! We are in awe of your accomplishments. God bless you on your special day and wishes for continued health!

Mary and Kieran Cunningham

Indian Harbour Beach

In July 1969 I was in London England with 120 other US foreign exchange students. I was the only one to stay up until 3 am to watch you walk on the moon.

Daniel Hearing

Portland Oregon

Hey Buzz. We came all the way from Australia to meet you in Simi Valley, CA and it was an absolute honour and a privilege. You and the entire NASA teams involved with Apollo/Gemini/Mercury, continue to inspire me in my work and encourage me to aspire to continue the incredible and brave exploration that started when Neil and you set foot on the moon. You're a living legend Buzz. Please continue the amazing work in promoting space exploration as without continuing our aspirations to go further, higher, longer, better, we cease to be truly human. Very Best wishes, Dave Jones. Perth, Australia.

Dave Jones

Perth, Western Australia

Happy birthday!!! I remember the first time on the moon as if it were yesterday! Thank you very much Erminio



Dear Buzz, Growing up in the shadow of KSC, I was 10 and on the beach as you lifted off! What an amazing journey! My son is now following in your footsteps in his quest to become an Astronaut. Thank you for taking us along with you to the Moon! Happy 90th Birthday!!

Nancy Cannon


Happy belated birthday Mr. Aldrin. You are truly an American legend.

Faith Londo

Titusville, FL

Happy 90th birthday Mr. Buzz! I have been a moon enthusiast since I was a child.. Apollo 11 was the most magical, incredible, sensational manned space trip EVER. God bless you, and thank you for being my hero. SINCERELY, Kathleen

Kathleen Smith

Happy Birthday Moon Man

cheryl a moran mos


Dear Buzz Aldrin, Happy Birthday Buzz. You and everyone behind the Apollo programme have been a big inspiration to me personally as an engineering student. May you have many more happy years.

Khuong Nguyen


Many happy returns Buzz on your 90th birthday. Have a super and wonderful day! You've achieved much in your life It's fine weather here in the UK. Hope yours is too.



Mr Aldrin many wishes for your birthday from Italy



Happy birthday, Buzz, hero of my teenage days and still my hero today! Due to technical restrictions back in 1969 ( believe it or not - there was no TV set at home in those days! There was only the 'Voice of America' transmission at 4.30 am) I could not watch the Apollo 11 adventure live but the programs on the anniversaries and DVDs let me 'take part' in this incredible achievement. I only later learned that you held speeches at various astronomy and space venues - what a shame I have missed that. Sorry to be late with my birthday wishes - I got to know only today! Best wishes, Teresa



Tanti auguri buzz sei magnifico , sei e sarai per sempre un eroe



Happy Birthday Buzz ! Thank you for everything you have done for our wonderful country and all the sacrifices you have made.

Mark Schertzer





Aloha Buzz! Happy 90th! All the best from the aloha State ? Remember 90 is the new 70 these days ! Cheers Markus

Mark Harper

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hey Buzz, Happy Birthday for your 90 years. I wish you many things from life, such as happiness, patience, love which is the most important thing in the world, because you have put a lot of love into your space missions and this makes me happy and falling in love with your work. You know I would also like to become an Astronaut to go to Mars, you know what emotions to be the first man on Mars WOW. So I would like to wish you a good life, long and full of Love. By DIMITRIE NICHITELEA (VILLALBA RM) 3208797262

Dimitrie Nichitelea


Dear Buzz, all the best to your Birthday! May the force be with you and never forget the heroic trip to our Moon! Happy Birthday, Andreas.

Andreas Suck


Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno Buzz

Nicola Pignataro

Brescia Italy

Dear Buzz, When I was a child my heart was with you on the moon, and now that I grew older is still always with you

Francesco Fumagalli

Sessa (Switzerland)

Happy birthday buzz!!!!

Alessandro Lischi


TANTI Auguri uomo della Luna.



Happy Birthday Buzz! May it be the best one ever!!

Keith Langerman


Happiest birthday ever Buzz! You're my Hero! One of the original Moon Walkers! I ❤ you Buzz, Armstrong, Collins, and NASA. My childhood was made more special because of you. I'll never forget you. Love, Wanna Lee

Wanna Lee Johnson