Apollo 11 Customs & Immigration General Declaration Form Autographed Commemorative Reprint

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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface. Four days after that, they had to fill out this Customs & Immigration General Declaration form in order to bring their samples of moon rocks and dust into the US.

This high-quality reproduction of the general declaration for US Customs and Border Patrol dated 24 July 1969 lists the passengers’ flight number as ‘Apollo 11’, ‘Departure from: Moon. Arrival at: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA’. The customs document shows the signature of all three astronauts who returned from the Apollo 11 mission, and declares their imported cargo of ‘moon rock and moon dust samples’.

This piece is enlarged so it makes the perfect framed treasure! The form is authentically signed in blue by Buzz Aldrin and is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity depicting a picture of him signing.

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