Apollo 11 Flight Plan Autographed by Buzz Aldrin


This Apollo 11 Flight Plan has been authentically autographed by Buzz Aldrin.


This unbound version replicated the original flight plan books as closely as possible with the salmon-colored cover, white interior, and the five hole-punches on the left side for binder use. These books were initially delivered to the various NASA centers unbound in order to make it easier for individual revised pages to be inserted. They were later placed in binders by the men and women who were using the books. It will be shipped loose-leaf, with each book individually shrink-wrapped.


More Info: The flight plan for Apollo 11 is a minute-by-minute time line of activities for the mission crew–Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, and Aldrin–and Mission Control in Houston. The flight was launched July 16, 1969. Touchdown on the moon took place, as scheduled, on July 20, 102 hours, 47 minutes, and 11 seconds after launch from Cape Kennedy. The astronauts spent 21 hours and 36 minutes on the moon, and returned to Earth on July 24.


The flight plan describes tasks to be done 102 to 103 hours into the flight. Immediately after landing, Armstrong and Aldrin reviewed their lunar contact checklist and reached a decision on “stay/no stay.” Armstrong then reported to Houston: “The Eagle has landed.”


This Flight Plan is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Buzz Aldrin Ventures COO Linn LeBlanc With a picture of Dr. Aldrin signing the piece.


Autograph position and size on each item may vary, as each item is uniquely signed by Dr. Aldrin.

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