Buzz Aldrin Autographed Apollo 11 Restored Flight Plan Book

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A limited number of Apollo 11 Flight Plan Book Restored Paperback Edition were authentically signed by Buzz Aldrin on the signature page of all the directors who authored the plan.

Every Apollo mission worked from a flight plan. The details involved in undertaking such an unprecedented mission were immense. The original flight plan that Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins used illustrates just how well-structured the planning was, down to the minutes and seconds of every stage of the journey.

This original flight plan has now been restored, reprinted and signed by Buzz Aldrin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this monumental accomplishment.

The flight plan is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, including a picture of Aldrin signing the plan, signed by Buzz Aldrin Ventures COO Linn LeBlanc.

Autograph position and size on each plan varies, as every plan is uniquely signed by Dr. Aldrin.

*Disclaimer: The peach, original, flight plans in some of the pictures are for reference only.

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