NEW! Vintage Historic Flight Series Photo Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin On Moon Visor Image, Autographed by Aldrin


Only one available! This print is part of the Historic Flight of Apollo 11 Color Picture Scarboro Publications in 1969. This historic photo of Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon surface was taken by Neil Armstrong during Apollo 11. The Vintage Series print is authentically signed by Aldrin. Along the bottom of the print are the words “Aldrin Walking Near LM”.

The 8.5” x 11”, canvas-like satin finish print also comes with the photo price sheet from 1969 from Satellite Beach, Florida, showing the pricing from the time and also a copy of the envelope cover the prints were delivered in.

This historic photo is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Buzz Aldrin Ventures COO, Linn LeBlanc.

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