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The Hon. Lunar Pioneer Buzz Aldrin, Col USFA Ret., together with Buzz Aldrin Ventures and with Buzz Aldrin’s Human SpaceFlight Institute are raising funds to help the Salvation Army relieve effects of COVID-19, by donating all the sales proceeds of this 8″ x 10″ quarantine picture taken 50 years ago, at the beginning of the Apollo 11 quarantine after returning from the Moon. Only 100 are available!


The crew spent that quarantine in a secure building, the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, for 3 weeks, writing mission reports, conducting debriefs & exercising!


Today Buzz Aldrin is self-isolating at his place of residence and hopes you are too! Support the cause by securing your Buzz Aldrin Autographed, Limited-Edition, Numbered Apollo 11 Crew Quarantine Print today!

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