Buzz Aldrin Ventures Board of Directors

Buzz Aldrin, President

Anca Faur, Vice President
Linn LeBlanc, COO
Don Camp
Robert Charles
Robert Tourtelot

(Left to right) Robert Charles, Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham, BAV Project Coordinator Lori Gordon, BAV COO Linn LeBlanc, Apollo 11 astronaut and BAV President Buzz Aldrin, BAV Director Robert Tourtelot, BAV VP Anca Faur and Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke.

COO LeBlanc and Buzz

buzz aldrin astronaut and linn leblanc executive director

BAV President Buzz Aldrin with COO Linn LeBlanc

Buzz Aldrin Ventures Team

Linn LeBlanc , COO
Buzz Aldrin Ventures
Lori Gordon, Project Coordinator
Buzz Aldrin Ventures
Bobby Charles, Media Relations
The Charles Group, LLC

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