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Buzz Aldrin Signed Reaching For The Moon Book


From the personal collection of Dr. Buzz Aldrin, this autographed, children’s book, Reaching for the Moon, is the perfect way to celebrate the Moon landing and ignite the flame of imagination and determination in your child! Not to mention the book is an instant heirloom with this national hero’s signature!


It’s been over fifty years since Dr. Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon, but the journey didn’t begin when he stepped on board Apollo 11 that fateful day in July 1969. It began the day he was born.


This picture book is authentically signed by Dr. Buzz Aldrin and tells the story, in his words. Wendell Minor’s gorgeous paintings evoke the wonder of space exploration for young readers.


More about the book: Becoming an astronaut took more than education, discipline, and physical strength. It took years of determination and believing that any goal was possible—from riding a bike alone across the George Washington Bridge at age ten to making a footprint on the moon. We all have our own dreams. This is the story of how Dr. Buzz Aldrin’s came true and very well may be a dream come true for the little ones in your life!


The book is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by a Buzz Aldrin Ventures Board of Director, depicting an image of Dr. Buzz Aldrin signing the print. Autograph placement, size and ink color may vary, as Dr. Buzz Aldrin signs each book uniquely. Some book jackets have slight imperfections from storage, which are reflected in the discounted price.