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Buzz Aldrin “Visor Shot” Moon Walk, Autographed Canvas


This magnificent 20”x 24” stunning, signed canvas of Dr. Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon is undoubtedly one of the most iconic images of any moonwalker and celebrates 50+ years since we landed on the moon! The piece is beautifully printed on high end canvas material and ready to be framed or stretched to become a focal point of your home or office.


The canvas is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by a Buzz Aldrin Ventures Board of Director, depicting an image of Dr. Buzz Aldrin signing the print. Autograph placement, size and ink color may vary, as Dr. Buzz Aldrin signs each canvas uniquely.


Read more about the image:
This iconic image of Dr. Buzz Aldrin is by far the most famous of all the moon images. If you look closely at Aldrin’s helmet visor, you can see the reflection of Dr. Buzz Aldrin’s shadow, Armstrong and the Eagle lander. Armstrong took the photo with a 70mm lunar surface camera while the two explored a region of the moon known as the “Sea of Tranquility.” Dr. Buzz Aldrin said many people assume this famous photo was posed because it manages to capture both moonwalkers and the lander. Sometimes they ask him if NASA specifically ordered this kind of shot.


Dr. Buzz Aldrin said that wasn’t the case at all, stating, “It wasn’t staged,” Aldrin said. “It was just a lucky shot.” Dr. Buzz Aldrin was simply walking across the lunar surface and Armstrong snapped a photo at just the right moment. Really, he said, there are just three words that sum up why this photo is so incredible: “Location, location, location.”

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