Framed Vintage First Man On The Moon ** 1969 Apollo 11 ** U.S. Postage Stamps with Buzz Aldrin Autographed Photo


This Vintage, First Man On The Moon ** 1969 Apollo 11 ** US Postage Stamps is accompanied with a 5 x 7″ autographed photo of Buzz Aldrin and Apollo 11 patch all framed in a handsome presentation.


The United States Post Office Department released the 10-cent First Man on the Moon airmail stamp 51 years ago today. The largest stamp released up to that day, it was produced using an engraved die that was carried to the Moon on-board the Apollo 11 spacecraft.


The stamp’s designer, Paul Calle, had previously created the art for the 1967 U.S. stamp that honored the Gemini program. One of the first eight artists to be selected for the NASA Art Program in 1962, Calle was present for the Apollo 11 astronauts’ last few hours before they departed for the Moon, sketching Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins as they donned their spacesuits.


The presentation is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Buzz Aldrin Ventures COO Linn LeBlanc depicting a digital picture of Aldrin signing the piece.


Autograph position and size on each item may vary, as every item is uniquely signed by Dr. Aldrin.

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