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Vintage, 16 x 20″, Aldrin Autographed, NASA 1969 Lunar Seismometer Print


Only one available! This Rare, Vintage 16 x 20″ NASA 1969 Print of Dr. Buzz Aldrin placing the Lunar Seismometer on the Lunar Surface Print is authentically signed, in blue, by Dr. Buzz Aldrin.


The print is an official NASA color photo that was produced by the U.S Government Printing Office in 1969 after the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. The print is on heavy paper stock and has text along the bottom reading “Man on the Moon – Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin Jr (Dr. Buzz Aldrin crossed out Edwin E. Jr and wrote the words Buzz over top of them) as photographed by Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong while placing the lunar seismometer on the lunar surface, July 20, 1969”. The print has two small stains along the bottom, which is reflected in the price.


The print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by a Buzz Aldrin Ventures Board of Director, depicting an image of Dr. Buzz Aldrin signing the print.