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The Return Hardback Autographed by Buzz Aldrin (June 2000)


This Dr. Buzz Aldrinautographed hardback copy of, The Return, is a tale about the kind of space adventure that could happen today–and what will happen tomorrow. As told by Dr. Buzz Aldrin, who’s been there…and who’s already helped change the world.


Disclaimer: Some of the book jackets are slightly frayed. This slight imperfection is reflected in the low price.


Former astronaut Scott Blackstone’s dream of opening outer space to visits from everyday people is under attack. His pilot program has been marred by a fatal accident, he’s out of a job, and he’s being sued for a billion dollars. And it’s beginning to seem that the “accident” wasn’t at all accidental.


Then the endless conflict between India and Pakistan heats up…and Pakistan explodes a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere, frying electronics on earth and in space, and putting the crew of the International Space Station at risk. With the Shuttle fleet grounded, only a secret skunkworks project known to Scott and his old friends can save the space station’s stranded crew.


The print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by a Buzz Aldrin Ventures Board of Director, depicting an image of Dr. Buzz Aldrin signing the print. Autograph placement, size and ink color may vary, as Dr. Buzz Aldrin signs each print uniquely.