Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz. It has been my pleasure to enjoy your service over the years. I hope you can enjoy the next class of Moon and Mars walkers with us.. Happy Birthday again.

Dana Luterick

Dana Luterick

Tanti auguri Mr Buzz

Agnese Cerreti

Perugia(Italy) Tant

Happy Birthday, Buzz. Born one year after the first men from planet Earth touched the greyish, dusty surface of the moon, I call myself a space age kid, The moonwalkers were my heroes. You made me dream of spaceflight and moonwalking. Later on, I studied aerospace engineering. Thank you for giving me inspiration and motivation to do so. Thank you for still being a visionary for the upcoming generations.

Muntenaar, Ingo


Happy birthday Buzz. You are an inspiration for me and lots of generation. You reached the Moon, a dream for everyone. You are part of the story of the world, an example for humanity. We are all with you (a part conspiracy theonists)

Denise Trupia


Happy 90th Birthday Buzz Aldrin ... have a special day today and thank you for a lifetime of memories ??



You did the impossible, thanks for inspiring the mankind and being a true hero. Hope you get till 2030

Madhav Bhatia

Delhi India

Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin's difficult to me to wish you all the best thinking about your wonderful life....but I do it anyway. Greetings from Italy're a legend. ❀️

Loris Salati

Naples (Italy)

Happy birthday! One of Earths last true heroes! I bow and thank you for all you've given mankind. ...they just don't make'em like you anymore! πŸ˜‰

Jan-Erik Eriksson


Happy Birthday Dr.Aldrin! I wish you all the best especially healthiness. Have a beautiful birthday celebration today. As a child, when my brothers or friends and I played "moonlanding", I was you, astronaut Edwin Aldrin. And as I met you in 2005 and in 2014 at "Autographica" in London (UK), a dream of mine was fulfilled. I will never forget my two beautiful encounters with you, it belongs to my most beautiful moments in my life. All the best for you and God bless you.

Helmut Heisig

Stuttgart (Germany)

Happy Birthday Buzz! Hope your day is out of this world awesome!!

Thomas P

Richmond, Va

Happy birthday, dear Buzz Aldrin, and good health, happiness and many happy years to come from Cologne/Germany Karola



Happy Birthday Buzz!! Thank you so much for your service! ??‍???‍???‍???β€βœˆοΈ??β€βœˆοΈ??β€βœˆοΈ??β€βœˆοΈ

Cheavon Y. Woods


Happy Birthday. I was an honor being in the same room celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing at Regan Library last year.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank you for pushing the limits and inspiring mankind to get our asses to Mars! Happy Birthday Dr. Aldrin!

John Heller

The Woodlands, TX

Happy Birthday Buzz from a little boy who was woken up by his father to attend the moon landing (I was 5 Years old). I still get tears in my eyes today when I think about it πŸ™‚

Heiko Boysen


Happy Birthday, Buzz! I had no idea it was your birthday until Wikipedia featured you, but at least I know now! Hopefully you’re doing good, because I am. I’m going to ski now, hope you like the message :).

Isaac Hoque

Lakeville, MN

Happy birthday Moonwalker! You are one of the greatest explorers of all time! What a hero and inspiration for all of mankind. Hope to meet you someday!

Drake Cooper and Grandpa

Savannah, Ga

Congrats on your 90th birthday. My mother and I watch you live on TV on the Moon in 1969. I get my love of the Space Program and adventure from her. Hope your have many more years and adventures.

Jim Silberisen

Cape Canaveral, FL

"And Apollo told the world: we can do it if we try There was one small step and a fire in the sky!" Happy Birthday!



Tanti auguri!

Giorgio Perda

Iglesias, Italia

Happy birthday!! thank you for inspire me all these years. See you again in ten years..


Athens Greece

Happy Birthday.Buzz!! Thank you for inspiring my generation and generations to come.! Have a wonderful day!

Antoni Gutorski

Preston,.United Kingdom

Wishing your the very best on your 90th Birthday Buzz!



thank you! the only man I should like to be!


genes, italy

Happy star birthday dear Buzz the moonwalker

Erika Campi


Happy Birthday Buzz and thank you for everything you have done for our country! You inspired the world 50 years ago and though I wasn't born yet, you are one of my heroes.

Bobby Greco

Geneva NY

Happy Birthday Buzz from one Aquarius to another! Enjoy your special day and thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. Ad Astra! Mark


Folsom, CA

Happiest of Birthdays! Thank you for you service!


Montclair High School Class of 1965

Happy Birthday Buzz! Happy Birthday from a Tennessee fan who DOES believe you walked on the moon over 50 years ago. Stay with us another 5 to see the first woman follow in your footsteps ??

Scott VanDam


Happy Birthday! Thank you for inspiring me and my generation, and my children's generation, with the wonder of human space exploration, You have shown us all how great our nation's accomplishments can be.

Pieter Kallemeyn


Happy Birthday Buzz, Hope you are well? Hard to believe the time has flown by so fast! All the best, Captain W.H. Lange United Airlines, (RET.)

William H Lange

Hi Buzz, It has been a very long time since we attended socials together in Brentwood and Santa Monica. Chancey, you and yes I are all getting older but I would love you to visit and get caught up with each other again. We had some good times in the '70s together and I would love to show you what I love about Carmel. Happiest of Birthday, either way.. My phone is 831 236-5308 email: Blessings, Jane St. John

Jane Stjohn

Brentwood & Carmel, CA

I wish you a very happy 90th birthday from the land of Apolllo and Artemis.

Alberto Cano


I feel honored to have you as my friend and many thanks for all you have done for all humanity on planet earth. You risked it all to take us forward in our journey to the stars. All the best! Lee and Robin

lee jones

panama city beach, florida

Happy birthday Buzz.? Best regards from us north of the Artic Circle

Finn Werner


Happy Birthday Buzz!!! Hope you have a stellar day, we are over the moon that we get to celebrate you too! Ad astra!



As the skies are aloft the earth, may your dreams continue to be as lofty. Never stop being an inspiration and a blithe spirit in this new age! Happy birthday. Happy birthday dear BOSS

Zahra Boucheta


Happy birtdhay Moonwolker.!

Marco Bellini

Verona (Italy)

Happy 90th Birthday, Buzz! Thank you for your service to your country. You are a National Treasure! Enjoy your day!

Tina Gordon

Tina Gordon

Dear Sir Congratulation on your 90th birthday. You are a hero and a great example for all mankind today. You have shown great courage not only as an astronaut but also as a human with all the mistakes we all do during a life time. Thanks Carsten



Happy Birthday, Buzz! I've enjoyed your example and leadership through the years and look forward to many more years of your enthusiasm about space!

Eric N. Coop


Happy Birthday Sir

Reinhold Fissl


Hippy birthday Heroes!!



Happy Birthday Buzz! Thanks for continuing to inspire today's youth! The sky is not the limit! As an industrial tech teacher, I keep trying to spread that message. Stay strong, healthy, and happy!

Melissa Renee Eker

Olathe, Kansas

Happy Birthday to my hero, I am 11yrs old and have begun my flight training. I was at your Gala at Ronald Regan Library. I wish you the Best Birthday Ever.

Alexander Barker

Stamford, Connecticut

Dear sir. You are legend and hero, I salute you! We never met before, but I have read your book "Return to Earth" and now I see not just an iconic figure, but a man. Stay as you are. P.S. did Mike sent you anything? πŸ˜‰




Milt & Arlene Larsen


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buzz 90 TODAY! We hope your day is full of love ❀️ and joy. x

Julie & Andrew

Space Lectures, Pontefract UK

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one!


Melbourne, Fl

Buzz, you have always inspired me. I read your autobiography maybe 8 or 9 years ago and it really stuck with me how you are always exploring and learning. May I do the same, now and when I'm 90!

Joan Concilio

Dover, PA