Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Augurios de Castro Karalis Buzz.... in artu et in basciu, aintru et inforas po s' Amori po Deus



Happy Birthday Buzz! I still remember watching that a child...... ok..... I was a little older...... but still in awe of your accomplishments!!!!?♥️

Robin Church

Robin (Lee’s current lady)

Contact Light ~ Inspiration for a lifetime, to infinity and beyond ! Happy Birthday ?



Happy Birthday, Buzz! Wishing you a wonderful day and great year ahead!! ❤


Huntsville, AL (The Rocket City!)

I was born 5 days after you landed on the moon. So I shared your 50 years with mine. You are a true Icon of our time. Happy Birthday May you have many more to come.

Samantha Scott

London England

here's to 50 + more

jim griffin


90 and still going strong. Thanks for inspiring generations to dream big and to never give up.

James Buckley

London, United Kingdom

Happy birthday and Godspeed!



Happy Birthday to a REAL American Hero! Godspeed Buzz!

Thomas S Corona Sr.

Fairfield, CT

Happy Birthday 90th Buzz! With the historic feat of 20 July 1969 you have been an inspiration for many children and for generations to come. Even if I'm too young to have lived it, I thank you for every time you make me dream looking at the moon.


Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Dear Buzz, my very best wishes to your birthday. Happy birthday an thank you for flying to the moon. Warm greetings, Olaf

Olaf Bekedorf

Hannover, Germany

You are my hero! Everyday was like Christmas morning when I was in grammar school and you were flying your missions. I love science and you were always bringing us good news and interesting new things to learn about space and our Earth. God Bless you Buzz Aldrin. See you on Mars 🙂 With love and respect, Joanne Jensen

Buzz Aldrin

Joanne Jensen

How great it is that you are in the world with us..r Thank You for all you have done and will do for the good of all mankind. Have a really great Birthday today. We love you.

James Johnson

The Johnson Family

Dear Mr. Aldrin, I wish you all the best to your 90th birthday. I was born in July 1969 - two days before the moon landing- so I had also a 50th anniversary last year. My wish for you, the mankind and for myself is that we reach the mars and peace on earth. Yours sincerely Ulrike


Wiesbaden/ Germany

Healthy, Happy 90th Birthday! ??????

The Hess Family

Los Angeles, California

Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno!!!!!



Best wishes from across the pond. Thanks for the inspiration. I now operate the largest Mobile Planetarium in the UK thanks to Apollo 8 &1 11.

Amanda & Peter Bassett

Kent, UK

Many happy returns of the day Buzz. Best wishes for an out of this world birthday to my favourite space explorer. Have a great day 🙂

Jamie Cook

Liverpool, U.K.

Hi Buzz! Wishing you a very happy birthday as I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a wonderful celebration. You will always be my hero amongst others not only for your accomplishments but the incredible person you are. Thank you and best wishes ~Swasti


New Jersey

Hello Buzz! I don't know if you'll see this, but if you do know that I wish you a happy birthday. I think it's really cool that you were one of the first people on the moon. Have a good 90th birthday!



Happy birthday Buzz.



Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for your tireless energy and making tge world proud. You were so inspirational. Thank you! Have a blast!

Buzz Aldrin

Howard Lull

Happy Birthday Buzz Thank you for being so inspirational, and making the world better for future generations

Nicholas Stevenson


Hello Buzz! We would like to congratulate you on your birthday, Moonwalker! You, Neil and Michael will for ever be an inspiration to all of us - you two as astronauts but also you three as personalities - sincere and genuine. My Brother Bennie and I watched the Apollo XI landing - exactly 50 years later to the second. The most monumental achievement of humankind. Celebrate this day, legend!

Tino Hermle

Heidelberg, Germany

Buon compleanno grande uomo!!! ?❤️?


Alife (South Italy)

Happy Birthday Buzz! You are the real Superman!



Happy birthday Buzz !! Waiting you in Italy !!

federico mazzola

verona italy

Happy Birthday Buz I’m Col Butch Werners son You moved into our house at Edwards AFB in 1971 Best wishes Jeffrey

Jeffrey Werner

Santa Cruz CA

You are my hero ❤️ Happy birthday ?

Anna Di Campli


Happy birthday!


Pisa, Italy

You are an inspiration to humanity. Because of your desire to excel mankind with a deeper knowledge of what lies beyond the world we call home, we are much more informed about the galaxy that surrounds our small blue marble. The world and mankind owe to you a debt of gratitude that will never be repaid because there are just not enough words. All we can say is thank you and hope those words will remain in your heart forever and give you the feeling of love, hopefulness and peace. Thank you Buzz and may your birthday be filled with love, joy, happiness and the knowledge, you are the best representation of humanity there can be.

John Michaels

Groton New York

happy birthday SIr! warm hugs from jakarta! 🙂


Jakarta, Indonesia

Happiest birthday to the man of inspiration, to the moon and back!


Astroport India

Happy birthday



Hi Buzz. Wishing you a very happy birthday. I have proudly carried your name for 50 years now. Here's raiding a glass to many more. All the very best. Aldrin 🙂

Aldrin Armstrong Collins Wilding-West

Barry, South Wales, UK

Happy birthday! You're a living legend and inspired so many people! Thanks for your courage and commitment! Cheers, Gilbert



Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin ji !

Amarjeet Paul


Happy Birthday, Buzz Aldrin! You are an inspiration for many generations!

LUTHI Didier


Happy Birthday Buzz! I’m a big fan of Apollo 11, I really hope I’m gonna be an astronaut one of these days. Anyways, hope your birthday is out of this world!


Bridgeport, WV

Hello Buzz! Happy Birthday. You did unbelievable things like Gemini 12 and of course Apollo 11. You stepped foot on the moon and together with Neil you accomplished the greatest achievement of humankind. Thank you for pushing the boundaries and being an inspiration to us all. So have a nice birthday, Moonwalker! Bennie Hermle, 11 years, from Heidelberg,Germany

Bennie Hermle

Bennie Hermle


Davide Alboresi 2


Shine on your birthday, Legend.



Happy 90th Birthday Buzz. It has been my pleasure to support your service over the years. I hope you will be with us to enjoy the next class of Moon,Mars explores.. Thanks again.

Dana Luterick

Carson City Nevada

Shine in your birthday, Legend.



Happy birthday

Maurizio Mauri

Rome (Italy)

Wow, having gone through all that, and still alive, May the Lord bless you and happy birthday. (Yeah I know it sounds kind of cliche, but it gets the point across.)

Liam C.


Happy birthday Buzz! You've always been a hero and an inspiration to me! Your sense of adventure will live on always

Amy Kushlan

Amy Kushlan

Happy birthday! safe landing!!

chris peters

Seattle wa

Happy Birthday and much health to you.



Happy birthday, Buzz! Thank you for encouraging us to not just stop at the Moon - Mars is waiting!

Eivind Vea