Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy Birthday, Buzz! My dad monitored your spacesuit while you walked on the moon over 50 years ago. That was a pretty amazing day for him and all those in Mission Control as well as you. I hope you enjoy your special day!

Cathy Bernas

South Lyon, Michigan

Happy birthday!! You truly are an American Icon!!! Sending lots of love!!????

Michelle Taylor


2445 s. bumby ave; apt. D Are you kidding? That's my birthday also. Space brothers.

Ronald Walker


???????‍? Happy Birthday !



Rochel Tova is 5 years old, and she wants to be an astronaut, along with her big sister (age 6). They both say to wish Mr. Aldrin a happy birthday, and hope that he gets a lot of presents.

Rochel Tova Plumer

and her mother

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our country, you have been and always will be my hero and role model.



Happy Birthday Buzz! You so inspired me growing up watching all your amazing feats. Have a wonderful birthday.


I was born in 1968 and I have little memories about Moon landing ... but I was there “watching” tv with my parents. You, Neil, and Michael inspired all my life ... happy birthday Buzz !!!

Marco Pinna


Happy Birthday Buzz! My son Brian shares your Birthday!!! MLK Day. Great people on a great day! January 20 is an awesome day!!!



Buzz, a very Happy 90th Birthday to you from 'Down Under' in NZ! We saw you at the Sky Tower in Auckland in July 2009 10+ years ago and you are going stronger than ever, space man!! I treasure the photo hubby DK took of me in your space suit!!!


Dear Buzz: Happy New Year of Life! You were born to make Science and Technology greater! I´m now seventy y.o.; since I was in High School, You have been my Hero! As an Electrical Engineering student, I went to visit Dr. Draper following a recommendation of Mrs. Goddard, a close friend of a Family in Mass, also close to me at that time (1971). Since then, I am looking forward to meeting you in person somewhen...! Have a Bunch of Time in your terrestrial Horizon for the Sake of Science, Technology, and for the Humankind, Dear Buzz! Blessings! Alvaro Cadavid (Medellin, Colombia)

Alvaro Cadavid

Medellin, Colombia

Happy 90th birthday Mr. Aldrin ! Love you to the moon and back !



Tanti auguri di Buon Compleanno dall'Italia Buzz. Insieme a Neil sarete sempre i nostri eroi.


Taranto, Puglia, Italia

Mr. Aldrin, or if I may say Buzz, It is a very great honour for me to send a message to you to wish you a fantastic 90th birthday today. In 1969 - Jesus Christ, just over 50 years ago - I was a little boy and was glued to the tv screen (my dad had a small black and white tv at the time) and watched you walking on the Moon. I thought you were the greatest explorers since Christopher Columbus. You and all your fellow astronauts have inspired all mankind all over the world. Space travel brings the best out of people since humans are wanderers and explorers. The world needs more people with the project Apollo spirit. You astronauts have shown us what mankind can achieve when they set their mind to somehting. You have walked on the Moon!!!!! Incredible but very true! You are one of only 12 humans who have walked on the Moon, WOW! We can only sing "Fly me to the Moon", but you have flown to the Moon in reality!! And you have seen amazing things, you are one of only 27 people who have seen the full circle of the Earth with their own eyes. Seeing this with your own eyes must have been a fantastic experience. I admired your sense of humour when you came down the ladder of the LM and said something to Neil Armstrong like: "I hope I didn't close the hatch, otherwise we won't get in anymore". And I admired the verses of a psalm from the Bible you cited during the live broadcasted speeches of all 3 astronauts the evening before splash-down: "When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the Moon and the stars, which you have set in place", etc. Very, very nice words! So in July 1969 I was a little boy that was glued to the tv screen. In July last year, 50 years later and 50 years older, I discovered a website where on the occasion of the 50th anniversary you could follow the full Apollo 11 mission as it happened 50 years ago, a sort of live stream or re-living experience, the full 9-day mission, 24 hours a day, 200 hours in total. Over 3000 people started to follow the Apollo 11 reliving experience. We had everything: all images, all communication between yourself and your 2 collegues and all communication between all 3 of you and Mission Control, and also a transcript of all communications. So it was like we were working in Mission Control! To this reliving experience also a chat was added: we could chat with people interested in space travel from all over the world. There were people from the USA, Australia and Europe. We were a worldwide team! Some people really knew al lot about space travel, some were real scientists. I've learned a lot of new things about space science from these guys, f.i. the Lagrange point. Of course we also experienced the time difference between the continents. When the European chatters called it a day and were go for bed insertion :-), often after midnight, it was still afternoon in America and already noon the following day in Australia. When I came back on line the following day I asked the chatters from the other continents: "What has happened in the meantime with Apollo 11?". It was an EPIC chat. After some time everyone started to think that the mission of Apollo 11 was happening NOW, not 50 years ago. I never thought in 1969 when I was a little boy that 50 years later in my life I would commemorate Apollo 11 in such a way. It was a fantastic and unforgettable experience. It was like if we have flown to the Moon together with you, Buzz, and with your 2 collegues. I think I may say I was one of the most active writers on the chat and I still have contact with some 'collegue astronauts', probably friendships for life. I think that a future Moon or Mars base should be named after you, Buzz. Or else a spacecraft, planet or Moon 🙂 As an amateur musician (trumpet, trombone, tuba, euphonium) I got the idea to play Happy birthday for you, intertwined with the American anthem, but since you are a religious person I've played it on a real church organ for you and I've made a video of it and the church organ and myself were decorated with the logos of Apollo 11 and NASA. It would be a very great honour for me if you would watch it. I'll send the video to Linn LeBlance of your Ventures Team if you don't mind. I wish you a fantastic birthday, Buzz, and wish you many more years in good health and very much hope that you will witness the first new Moon landing. And thank you for motivating mankind, for showing us what mankind can do if they set their mind to something! People all over the world should have more Apollo attitude! You have had and still have 'The Right Stuff', Buzz! All the best! André Huys from Aalter in Flanders, Belgium P.S. I "Apollogize" 🙂 for my long message .

André Huys

Aalter in Flanders, Belgium

Happy 90th birthday! We think you're awesome and a really cool guy. Thanks for stepping into that magnificent desolation for all of us on Earth. Now, let's go to Mars! Best wishes on starting your 91st orbit. Love, the Berkowitz Family

Lisa Berkowitz

New York

Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed your day

Ann Guldemond

Ann Guldemond

You are a national treasure. Thank you for all you've done. Happy birthday! Kathy Mebane, NC



Happy birthday dear Buzz one congratulation from me from germany, one congratulation from my relative Mr.. Ismail Akbay from Turkey who worked for NASA and Apollo 11 project as I think you know him, and one more congratulation from my Turkish uncle from Korean war as he kia and mia. Thank you and good that you are there.



Happy Birthday Sir! You are such an inspiration!

Jim Pawlowski

Harrison Twp MI

Happy Birthday Buzzer Wishing you a happy and wonderful year!


Austin TX

Happy Birthday Buzz!!! I hope it’s been a truly wonderful day for you.


Titusville, FL

Happy Birthday Buzz!



Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Mr. Aldrin! My great grandfather was involved in building the guiding systems used during the Apollo missions so, although I wasn’t yet born, I have had the great experience to hear stories and see unique pictures about the wonderful era and excitement of the age of exploration. Thank you so very much for all that you have done and continue to do for continuing education and research.


Florida, USA

Muy feliz cumpleaños Mr Buzz!! Desde mi infancia admiré todas sus aventuras y son siempre una fuente de inspiracion para generaciones futuras. Espero algun dia verlo en Argentina. Que tenga un gran año!!



I am wishing you a wonderfully amazing birthday celebration. Happy 90th! You are the best of the BEST! Thank you for all the inspiration.

Anne Albritton

San Pedro, CA

Happy Birthday Buzz! You are an American Icon that ventured out into Space Exploration to show the world there are no boundaries. A million Thank you’s, To infinity and Beyond!

Joe Paltjon

The Paltjon Family

Hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns!

Buzz Aldrin

Caroline Jenkins

Happy 90th Birthday, Buzz!! On behalf of Colegio Christa Corrigan and Colegio Christa McAuliffe, proud members of the ShareSpace Foundation, You are the inspiration of many of our students in Mexico.

Gabriel Muñoz H, Director General del Grupo Educativo Christa

Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of México, México.

Happy 90th Birthday Colonel Aldrin

Edwin Sullivant

Visalia California

Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin I wish you many more. I was 10 yrs. old glued to the TV watching the moon landing, it has been an inspiration felt my whole life. Thank You and God Bless !!!

Joseph Sharkey

California, USA

Happy Birthday Col. Buzz Aldrin Pride of The Garden State and Aviation Hall of Fame of NJ.

Chris McAlinden

Chris McAlinden

Happy birthday!



My best wishes for the new year! ? May the man in the moon protect you always, if he exists! ?? ? Live long and prosper ??

Saskia Reich


Happy birthday, Buzz!

Alexander Nogin

Russia, Krasnoyarsk

To Infinity and Beyond ?

Jakub Kavina

Czech Republic

Hi I love you you are my inspiration please take me to space the next time you go ily x100000 hope you have the best 90th birthday



Happy 90th Birthday Colonel Aldrin – I hope you have a wonderful day! You've been a hero of mine and someone I've greatly admired since my childhood (and I'm in my 50's now!). What you accomplished as part of the Apollo 11 mission were some of the greatest achievements in the history of Mankind, and I still marvel at them now. Many congratulations and best wishes on achieving another milestone today!

Andrew Moss

Birmingham, England

Happy birthday, Buzz, and thank for all you do!

Stephen R Luick

Middleton, Wisconsin, USA

Happy birthday sir! The world needs more heroes like you.

Buzz Aldrin

Karin Woods

Happy Birthday, Cuzz Buzz!!

Kathleen Bowen Simons

Lorton, Virginia

Happy Birthday! More than ever, the world needs great works and deeds to be able to dream of a great future. You stand and live for this dream like no other. I would like to thank you very much for this and wish you continued joy and health. I can't wait to receive the postcard signed by you, but unfortunately it is currently on its way back to you because of a small mistake in the address ... when it will finally arrive, it will be given a place of honor in my home. Best whishes from Germany, Peter Maier and the astronomy friends Ingolstadt

Peter Maier

Germany, Bavaria

Dear Buzz, you are an American treasure and hero! Happy Birthday

Walter Glogowski


Hello Buzz I'm from Austria and a big fan of NASA and space travel. I Think of Apollo every time you look at the moon .Wish you all the best for your birthday! Thanks Ralph!


Austria (Vienna)

My best wishes on your Birthday! More than ever, the world needs great works and deeds to be able to dream of a great future. They stand and live for this dream like no other. I would like to thank you very much for this and wish you continued joy and health. I can't wait to receive the postcard signed by you, but unfortunately it is currently on its way back to you because of a small mistake in the address ... when it will finally arrive, it will be given a place of honor in my home. Best regards from Germany, Bavaria Peter Maier and the astronomy friends Ingolstadt

Peter Maier

Germany, Bavaria

Happy Birthday, Colonel Aldrin! You were an inspiration to young boy in July 1969 and you are one today. Thank you for your amazing achievements and advocacy for space exploration. May you be blessed with many more birthdays.

Brian McDonough

Tarrytown, NY

Happy Birthday, Buzz! Reading from You is always such a great inspiration. Thanks for all of that. Here’s to the next decade in Your life!



Happy Birthday Buzz, You're an inspiration to reach for the sky from my youth and to this day.

Richard J. Russo

Phoenix, Arizona

Happy birthday Mr. Aldrin and beyond!



Happy Birthday, Buzz. I hope you have a fantastic day. You are such an inspiration to me. I look to your example when I feel like giving up on my dreams. Your story fills me with hope for not just my future but the future of the world. God bless you, sir.

Danielle Wallace


Happy 90th birthday Buzz! You represent the best of us. You’re an inspiration to us all and as a science communicator you’re the best. I’m a research scientist myself and you’re someone who I look up to. Enjoy the celebrations!

Nicholas Ryan