Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Make it a great day Sir and thank you for all you do and have done for us. Enjoy your day



Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for your inspiration and have a wonderful day ?


Kansas City, Missouri

Happy Birthday Buzz. The best for you, and thanks for being one of my life Heroes



Happy birthday and thanks for punching Bart Sibrel in the face 🙂



Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin ! Thanks for choosing to join the adventure and still carrying it out on your 90th birthday. While I will never meet you, and your existence will be akin to a book character, your stories will remain with me. And for that, I will forever be grateful. So, thank you and I wish you the best !



Buzz what an adventure it has been eh! Now you are half way to 180 Thanks for the greatest achievment in human history

Jack Curry


Happy Birthday, Dr. Aldrin! Your crew and especially you and your astronomical skills have always highly impressed me. It was so brave and well done how you made it to the moon and back! Adoration from all over the world. Wishing you the best for today and your future. Live long and prosper! 😉



Happy Birthday! I wish you health, dreams and happiness!



Happy birthday Buzz! Congrats on everything! Hope today is the very best! You’re future is beyond eventful and bright!

Ashley Martin


Happy Birthday. I am honored that I share a birthday with someone who is so inspirational.

Gregory Maguire

Waterbury, VT

Happy 90th birthday American hero!

Logan Medlin

Raleigh North Carolina

Happy 90th Birthday! Wishing you a birthday as incredible as your moon landing!

6th Grade Class

Lasara, Tx. Elementary

Happy Birthday Dr “Buzz” Aldrin! Live long and prosper. Thank you for being an inspiration to many around the world all these years. It was an honor to meet you at Spacefest VI in Pasadena, CA as I was a volunteer. Never got the chance to take a pic and get an autograph from you. Be well, and God bless!


De La Garza

Happy Birthday to you! 1/20/2020 enjoy all the twenties ^_^

Barry Arnold

Grants, NM

Happy Birthday,Buzz. I had the privilege of meeting and conversing with you several years ago. It is a honor to wish a true American hero a very Happy 90th birthday! And many more !

Cheryl Scott

Amsterdam NY

Congratulations Colonel Aldrin, on another milestone achievement!

Donald Matejek

Houston, Texas

Happy Birthday Buzz!!!!?? (and a? too, why not??)


Buenos Aires-Argentina

Happy birthday Buzz thanks for being one of the greatest people to go to the moon. Also thanks for be a great role model to little kids. Someday I hope I can meet you and sit down and talk about Apollo. God speed buzz.


Houston Texas

Congratulations on another trip around the sun!

Jeffrey Rains

Colorado Springs Co.

God Bless a True American Hero, & my Favorite passenger in our collective Friendly Skies. You not only signed the offered 5 cards for the troops, but Asked for More and signed the whole box full! A young soldier in Afghanistan on Christmas Day that year was Stunned to read "You are a true American hero & have my utmost respect! -Buzz Aldrin, Apollo11." Shaking, he told his Lt "This card has Made My Entire Deployment!" God Bless you Mr Buzz!!

Carla Lee Heiberg


Happy birthday Mr Buzz Aldrin, May you continue to inspire people around the world. Your accomplishments stand tall in our history. Regards,

Reinier van der Ende

the Netherlands

Happy Birthday, Colonel! Now get it in gear and get on a moon mission. If Glenn could do it, you can!! ????

John Darlington

Winter Park Florida

Happy Birthday, Buzz! You're a true hero and an inspiration to all of us - God bless you!

Gene Quondamatteo

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Happy birthday, Buzz. My father worked for NASA during Apollo flights and met you. He was so proud of your flight as we watched the moon landing. You are our national hero.

Buzz Aldrin

Marilyn Overholt

Happy Birthday dear Mr. Aldrin. Thank you for all you have given us to enjoy and more! We wish you will have a bright and beautiful day. Many blessings for 2020. Take care! Bye! ✨?✨

The Netherlands

The very happiest of birthdays to a true American hero and an inspiration to many! Everyone should try to be more like you, sir, and I want to extend a personal thank you to you for punching that disbeliever in the moon landings in the face. Many, many happy returns!

Corky Visminas

Arlington TX

Dear Buzz, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Texas Book Festival and celebrated Apollo 50 at Cape Kennedy. I also work at the JFK Library in Boston where we celebrate John F Kennedy’s race for space and the Moon Landing everyday! Have a wonderful Birthday Buzz!

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz!

Bonnie-Boston Mass

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz! Wishing you a great day! Watching you walk on the Moon when I was a tiny child is one of my greatest memories and inspires me every day in my own work, you are one of very few people in this world to whom the words Living Legend truly apply

Peter Rankin

Happy birthday Mr. Aldrin, you are a human kind hero and an example for all of us. ¡Muchas felicidades!

Javier Oribe Moreno

Sevilla, Spain

You're a big Hero for the mankind ! Thank you for all you made for us and best wishes for you Birthday, I hope is the best one up today ! Ad Astra! Hugs from Valeria Zanola, Italy

Valeria Zanola

Turin, Italy

Happy Birthday Buzz

Cynthia D Newport


Happy Birthday!.....enjoyed seeing you at Wings over the Rockies Museum here in Colorado.



My career in science is largely due to the inspiration of the Apollo team. The legacy lives on, happy buzzy birthday!

Dr. Chris Welty

New York, NY

Happy Bday Buzz, you are a living legend and a great ispiration for all of us. Gianluca


Rome Italy

Happy Birthday Buzz, From all of us in Worcester where our grandfathers came from Sweden. I've got more pics of our grandfathers working together. Hope you go for 101.

Andy Bergsten


The Moon Landing took place on my 19th birthday...I will never forget it. Happy 90th! You are an American here.

Elyse Karlin

Curator of Out of this World! Jewelry in the Space Age

Happy Birthday!!!

Marcelo Souza


Happy birthday Mr. Aldrin, behalf of my entire country and planet we wish you many more years to inspire us and our children. you and the entire Apollo's astronauts changed our perception and we can't be thankful enough. To infinity and beyond.

Almog Ohayon


Happy Birthday, Buzz, may you have a great birthday and many more to come. You are an inspiration for all!

Franco Domenici

Viareggio Italy

Happy 90th Birthday to one of our national treasures! I hope you have a terrific day!

Mary Beth


90 years is a wonderful milestone to hit. Maybe not quite as uniques as landing on the moon, but wonderful all the same. Congratulation and best wishes to you! Blessings for a great year ahead!



Happy 90th birthday Buzz! Have an epoc one surrounded by family and friends. Wishing you all the best from the uk! ??

Louis Hopkins

UK. Camborne science academy sharman

Happy Birthday Amazing Buzz!! hope you enjoy this very special day, wishing you only the best for the future!!! thank you for all your work and inspiration xx

Silvia Casas Medina


Happy Birthday Buzz, and congrats on not your success, but being a great part of American history!!!??????????

The LATHAM Family


Happy Birthday dear Sir ,the surviving first of lunar explorers and the many space odyssyes Iss HubbleWebb, and the route to the Martian planet are all things we have as your children in the stratosphere....if our eyes were to look inward from above the star that is you would shine brightest of all....Happy 90th Birthday Buzz Aldrin!

Arthur Greenberg

a well wisher

Happy birthday Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wishing you the best always! Warm regards, Pat Gaillard/US1

Patricia Gaillard

Pat Gaillard/US1

Happy Birthday Mr. Buzz Aldrin - That your dreams comes true

Silvano Plank

Italy - South Tyrol - Girlan

Happy birrthday to a true American Hero. God Bless Paul

Paul R


Happy Birthday Buzz. Here's wish you a wonderful healthy day. Cheers, Bill Hampton

Bill Hampton

Flower Mound, Tx

Best wishes !!

Günter Tschulik