Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy 90th birthday, moonman.....!!!!xxx

Joan Chenery

Norfolk, United kingdom

Wishing you the absolute very best on your 90th birthday. Have the most amazing day.



Happy birthday Buzz. You helped start our museum and it has grown and expanded to be Western Australia's number 1 museum on Space.

Phil Youd

Carnarvon, Western australia

Dear Buzz, We wish you a Happy Birthday and many more to come! Marco&Rachida

Marco & Rachida Baccini

Agadir, Morocco

Happy Birthday Mr Aldrin. Still to this day your work inspires me as a young space enthusiast, I one day hope to achieve something similar to what you have done. Have a wonderful day.



Happy Birthday and all the best wishes for my great Idol in space!

Paul Graefendorf

Germany JAGK

Happy Birthday Buzz, thank you for all you have done and continue to do to inspire adventure. I was very young when Appollo 11 landed on the moon, my Dad woke me up to watch it. I have followed you since . I hope you have a lovely day x

Michele Foulger


Love you buzz... my kids know you and they really want to meet you to know how it was to be on the Moon!!! Birthday wishes!!!

Kamlesh Jain


From a fellow USAF vet...happy 90th birthday to you, Colonel Aldrin. All the best, sir.

Robert James Vincent

Henderson, NV

Buzz, Mike Collins wrote at Hermann Oberths 95th birthday, a simple "Thank You for making the moon possible!" I thank you for taking the endeavor of flying where no-one has ever gone before! Turning Theory into Reality! So, Happy Birthday to You Buzz!!!


Feucht - Germany

Dear Buzz, I was only a boy at the time but still remember the moon missions like they happened yesterday. Science has been my whole life, and you and the Apollo missions have been my inspiration. I believe that what you did is one of the greatest achievements of mankind and has still not been surpassed, even today. Heartfelt congratulations on your 90th birthday. Best Wishes, Ian.

Professor Ian Hampson

Manchester, UK

Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best on your special day & always


Czech Republic

Happy 90th to you Buzz. You are a true hero and an inspiration. Thank you for your service to our nation.



Happy birthday, Buzz!!! I wish you a great health and strength of spirit to inspire us every day! I always watch documentaries and movies about Apollo XI with tears in my eyes. You and Neil, along with Gagarin, showed the humanity that there are no limits for us! That our wanderlust and curiosity cannot be stopped even by cold and dangerous outer space. I believe that our torch will eventually reach Mars, Europa and even exoplanets! Thanks to you!!!



Dear Buzz, Happy 90. birthday to you an thanks so much for the unforgotten moments of my childhood



Happy 90th Birthday Buzz!

Bob Moldenhauer


Correction: It was 2010 in Doha. Time flies for all of us.



Hi Buzz, A heartfelt Happy Birthday to you - and I hope you are well. I will never forget how we spent 48 hours in Doha together in 2011 for the launch of QScience. I picked you up at the airport an you showed me the moon, talked about walking there - and also you were happy to note that I was driving a manual /stickshift car 😉 Keep up this good spirit, I'm not in Doha but in Berlin, but still working in academic and scientific publishing. You are an inspiration to us all! Best from Berlin, Arend



Happy Birthday, Buzz. Enjoy your day, you've earned it.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Enjoy your well earned 90th trip around the sun celebrations. Your service to space exploration and promotion is unequalled. You sir are living national treasure.

Dr Peter Broxham PhD

Dalby Australia

Happy birthday Buzz ! First to prove it is possible to work during a spacewalk, first to land on the Moon and second to step onto the Moon. Thank you for giving me the passion for spaceflight.

Martin Senechal

Soignies - Belgium

Happy birthday! You‘re an eternal hero! I wish you many coming years of health, wealth and wisdom. Cheers, Thomas



Best wishes on your 90th birthday sir, and thank you for being an inspiration for mankind of all ages ,races and believes. No flag is more important to set than the one you guys put in our land of dreams, teaching us that dedication and motivation will lead us to succeed in our goals, even the toughest ones.

Alessandro Bovi


Happy Birthday!

Hector Melo

When I was a kid, I would look up at the stars and dream of space. As I grew up making our dreams come true became an application of math and science to a difficult problem. Work enough problems and we get to our goals. This mantra of hard work, intelligence, application of science & math, and unbridled curiosity is exemplified by you and your crewmates. Thank you for your courage and curiosity. Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin.

Mark Woodbury

Fargo, ND

90 great service and good life well lived



Happy 90th Birthday Buzz!!!! You inspire so many of us!!! Thank you for your endless service to NASA and to the U.S. Godspeed.

PFC Martin

South Korea

Happy Birthday dear Buzz. Thank you for inspiring us very day of our life! Enjoy your day Best wishes

Lukas Viglietti


Happy birthday buzz, you are an abdsolute legend and a real inspiration for mankind. I hope you enjoy your day and for many more to come. ?? mark powell

Mark powell

Porthcawl, South Wales, United Kingdom

Dear Buzz, Happy Birthday! And thank you so for all you have done for the space program and to inspire belief in continued space exploration among so many people. Geraint Day UK

Geraint Day

Happy birthday! Congratulations from your 5th cousin Anders Brogren, descendant of Johan SpÄngberg (1725-1795) and Sara Adamsdotter Segerberg (1756-1813).

Anders Brogren


Happy Birthday to a true American hero! Thank you for the many ways you made, and continue to make, our world a better place. Much health and special memories this year!

Michelle Pincus


Happy birthday Buzz. You are an Icon and hero and I just discovered today that we share the same birthdate. Your signed moon picture adorns my office with pride. Best regards James (UK)



Happy birthday my hero, thanks for so much!



Many Happy Returns Buzz! You are one of my all-time heroes in many ways. A true inspiration. I named a piece of music that I wrote 'Moonbase Buzz' because I think that's what the first manned moonbase should be called! Much love, Cassie.

Cassie Beevis

England, UK

A Happy Nine -Zero Birthday Buzz.. Your and Neil's Foot-Prints on the Moon will be remembered for Eternity by Humanity. Thank You Buzz....

Christopher T Howes

Omarama, New Zealand

Watched the Apollo 11 documentary last night and was again reminded of the scale of your achievement with the moon landing. Happy birthday Sir, you truly are one of the immortals.

Richard Carter

London, UK

Happy Birthday Buzz! ?? Thanks for all fantastic memories from my childhood and onwards!

Thomas FĂ€nge


Happy 90th Birthday Dr Aldrin!! Have a great celebration.



For Buzz Aldrin on his 90th birthday. A unique photograph. I took it and I have the negative. Taken in September 1994 in Portugal with Vasco da Gama. He and I were the only present. "C:\Users\FCR\Dropbox\FCR-PRIVATE\BUZZ ALDRIN VASCO DA GAMA SEPT 1994" Congratulations and best wishes FCR

Fernando Carvalho-Rodrigues


Happy 90th Buzz, hope you have an amazing birthday.

David Tomlinson

United Kingdom

DEAR DR. ALDRIN!! You are my Greatest Hero of All Times!!!! Happy Birthday Dr. Aldrin!!! <33 You have inspired me SO MUCH to study STEM, Astronautics and Rocket Engineering. I have translated Your Book “Mission to Mars” into Polish. I have made a Birthday Cake for You Dr. Aldrin: with You in ApolloXI standing on Mars! Please see the photos on Instagram: gods_gonna_buyyoua_satellite . You are the Greatest Hero for All Times for all Mankind. I wish you ALL THE BEST, the Best Buzzday, Health Happiness & that we could live on Mars. I hope that I could take part in the Aldrin Summer Institute in June 2020. Your Greatest Fan - Maria Popis


Warsaw, Poland

Happy Birthday Buzz! I was lucky enough to meet you in 2014 which was incredible. At 90 years young, you continue to inspire new generations around the world. Thank you.

Neil Pearson


My best wishes to you Buzz at your 90:th birthday! Thanks for a wonderful gala in july last year?



Happy Birthday, Buzz. I have met with you twice and we have common friends, John Spencer, Marc M Choen. et al.

Jun Okushi


Happy birthday ? Buzz.

Låszló Sebestyén


Congratulations as you celebrate your 90th birthday, hope to see you in the UK ( Manchester ) on your world travels. Cheers

Anthony Wallace Cross


Your old running and diving partner friend of Bill W. Salutes you with a big hug and kiss. You are the best buddy ever. Love you!

Kathleen O’Brien

Venice Beach

Happy birdthday Eugéne Edwin Aldrin ( Buzz) jacomus cooking cake

cooking cake


Happy Birthday, Buzz! GOD'S RICHEST BLESSING on MLK Day, Your 90. birthday.

Joe Bindhardt