Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy Birthday and enjoy still your dream comes true

Silvano Plank


Happy birthday Buzz your a inspiration to all Humans

Tom VanDyke

Tom VanDyke

Watched you on the moon and I was only 12. My dad and I watched the entire broadcast and enjoyed it. Happy Birthday Sir, enjoy this day and the blessings it brings you.


Edwin Makowski

Happy birthday Buzz!!!!!

Mike Mooney


Blessings to you from a Boilermaker who grew up watching the Apollo launches and attended many classes in a building named after Gus Grissom. I still think astronauts are among the finest of God's creatures! Keep pushing for Mars--we need your voice.

Kimberly Schimmel

North Carolina

Hallo Buzz, I saw you walking on the moon in the age of 10. My whole live was inspired by the things you and other were doing in this time. Now i am 60 Years old an still waiting that human spaceflight goes on. I hope that i again can the man walk on the moon and on the mars during my lifetime. All the best an thank you ! Ulrich Klaas

Ulrich Klaas

Castrop-Rauxel - Germany

True American hero! Happy birthday hope you enjoy your special day!

Neil Barbalato

Holly Springs NC

Dear Buzz, I hope your birthday is out of this world!! Thank you for your service to our country! Stay safe & God bless you and your family! Love, Anne Marie

Anne Marie

Staten Island NY

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! I’m still hoping I can meet you one day and I hope that you can make Spacefest! I have been working on my degrees to get me to the moon and I’d love to hear all about the challenges of rendezvous!

Erin Martin

Tucson, AZ

Happy Birthday Sir! Thank you for your dedicated service to this country, the world, the moon, Mars & beyond! You are an inspiration to so many! Thank you for everything & all my best to you & your family! God bless you & God bless America! ??????‍?

Tim Reiter

Chillicothe, Ohio

I salute your extraordinary courage. Happy Birthday.

Robert Irvine

Twickenham, UK

Happy Birthday Dr. aldrin! All the best and many more!! ??

Steven Gable

Innisfil, Ontario

We were all ways told the sky was the limit, But I know the sky is not the limit where there are foot steps on the moon proving we can go beyond our limit.


From Hong Kong,China,Asia

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz. ??????????

Mark England

West Yorkshire. England

Happy Birthday Buzz you will always be a big inspiration to me been a Space Enthusiast for more than forty years you really are a hero to millions enjoy your special day best wishes Sir

Taff Edwards

Cardiff Wales UK

Happy Birthday Buzz from your friends at the Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West!

Brenda Gift

Toledo, OH

A very merry 90th to a great American hero. I am grateful for your accomplishments for science. Also, it is wonderful that you took the Lord's Supper on the moon.

Mark Duncan

Texarkana, Texas

Buzz, You are a very inspirational man and definitely in my top 50 people of the 20th Century. You may not have put the first boot print on the moon but you certainly have left a lasting impression on millions of people worldwide. May your birthday be full of joy and love because you surely deserves it.

Ken Rolt

Cambridge, England

Happy 90th Birthday to an American icon! Thank you for all your accomplishments to further space exploration. AD ASTRA!

Ethan W

Long Island

Dear Buzz, wishing you all the love and blessings for your 90th birthday! Thank you for your contributions to our world and the Universe! ? We love you! ❤ I hope you get to see us get pur asses to Mars! ?

Kimberly Castellotti

Kimberly Castellotti

Happy Birthday, Buzz, may you have a great birthday and many more to come. You are an inspiration. Thank you for all the lovely tweets and for the way you are forward-thinking and appreciative of others. I'm sure that all that you are doing now is influencing the future of space exploration and the reverberations will keep going on and on into the distant future. Have a great Birthday!

Linda Landers

London UK

Billions of good wishes to Buzz Aldrin sir! Today marks another year around the Sun ☀️ for you, and what a journey it has been. Happy 90th Birthday to you, Sir!!! ? Your accomplishments inspired millions when you & Neil Armstrong stepped upon the surface of the moon at Tranquility Base! #Apollo11 moon mission is evidence that humanity's potential is limitless, which President John F. Kennedy called correctly the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure upon which mankind has ever embarked. I strongly believe that the moon landing is one of the humanity's most ambitious achievement in space exploration. Your success expanded humanity’s understanding of our celestial neighbour (Moon) and most importantly, it taught us something about ourselves that together we can accomplish any goal and overcome any difficulty. Thank you for always inspiring us to dream big and reach for the stars. My words are not enough to express my deep appreciation for your dedication, creativity & vision that has so positively impacted around the world. Many many more birthdays to come. Have a great day and a great year ahead!!! ? Keep inspiring us always..:)

Manish Kumar Mishra

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India

Happy birthday and all the best to you.. Hope you are in best helth. See you on moon at 2030. Best regards.

Lechinger Thomas

Memmingen - Germany

Mr Aldrin thank you for serving for the world , I watch a lot of your interviews not only the interviews but I also watch your take off and landing to the moon and coming back to earth. and I'm turning 12 this year in December so yay thank you ................................................................................................Oh yea I forgot to say Happy birthday and hope you live forever and live healthily and happily God bless you


From Hong Kong,China,Asia

Feliz cumpleaños, happy birthday from Spain!! A couple of weeks ago finally I got your signed photo on the moon and now it makes me happy everyday whenever I look at it, because it reminds me what you can achieve if you take the time and effort to do it and are surrounded by great people. You truly inspire me, wish you have a very happy birthday!

Alan Perez

San Sebastián, Spain

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz! You look great!

Dan Malcic

Dan Malcic

Happy birthday! You are a great inspiration!



Happy Birthday! Are you still a Turtle? YBYSAIA...

Ricky Ennis

Rocket City USA in Huntsville, Alabama

Wishing you a great birthday Buzz!!

Katrina Burbidge


Happy 90th Birthday Buzz! You are American Hero, American Son, American Pride! You made the entire planet Earth breathlessly watching you as a first Human stepping down on the Moon.! Historycal! Inspirational! Unforgettable! We love you! We respect you! We follow you!

Samuel Lazarovitch


Happy Birthday Buzz! I had the honor of meeting you at the Smithsonian Institution for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. You have been and will always be my hero!

Ron Servello

Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

Happy 90th mr. Buzz! I wish you to see the next astronaut on the Moon!


Trieste, Italy

Joyeux anniversaire Buzz ! You are such an inspiration to all of us ! Thanks for what you are and all the positive messages for the future!


Paris, France

Happy 90th Buzz. I’ll never forget you and Neil on the lunar surface! Thanks for your part in advancing space exploration!


Vancouver Canada

Happy Birthday, sir! My eight-year-old son Tobiáš is a huge fan of yours! Greeting from the Czech Republic.

Lucie Fabiánová

Czech Republic

Happy Birthday, Buzz!



I watched you as a little boy fly to the moon. I spent my life learning about space, astronauts, rockets, and the planets. I still watch everything I can on space. All of this is because of the space flights and the start of the Apollo Missions. Thanks

Joe Koromaus


Thank you, for all the inspiration you brought to people all over the globe and happy sunlit birthday, mister Aldrin.

Pavel Heinrich

Czechia, Europe

Buzz, You're a legend. Happy 90th Birthday!



Happy birthday to you Mr.Aldrin. When you landed on the Moon I was a Kid. Since then you inspired me for Space. Good health to You.



Happy Birthday to you, Sir! You are one of my biggest heroes, and to say that I have admired your achievements and attitude immensely, would be a great understatement!! I honour your achievements and your drive to keep Man striving for Space! Stay well, we need heroes like you!!

Ken Coleman


90 years young... Have yourself a 'Magnificent Celebration' here on Earth!! God Bless You!!

Curt Baxmann

Sugar Land, Texas

Dear Buzz, as a young student when you visited Berlin in October 1969, I saw you live in the Berlin Congress Hall. Unforgettable fascinated. You have realized the dream of a trip to the moon on the top of Saturn V. Happy Birthday.

Olaf Rüdiger

Berlin Germany

We love you Buzz! Have a VERY happy big birthday xxxxx

Elizabeth Docherty

Scotland, United Kingdom

Flying in a rocket ship To a far away place You made history Going to outer space. "One small step for man," " One giant leap for mankind," It was miraculous to behold And blew everyone's mind. Happy 90th Birthday You led the the pack We love you Buzz Aldrin To the moon and back.

Adrienne Asher


Happy birthday Buzz!

Adam Croll

Bucks County PA

Happy birthday Buzz!!! You already know, but i'm going to say it again: you are probably one of the most important and iconic figures of science history, and also seems to be a really great guy. Now go out and enjoy your day, dude!

Lucas Lentz


Wishing you a ver6 happy birthday,. Thank you for all you’ve done for mankind , cheers! The Ross family Suffolk, England.

Neil Ross

Neil , Susan, Craig & Tarnia

Wishing you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever. Happy birthday Buzz! All the Best, Enrico

Enrico Marangoni


Yeee-Haaaaa A Soopa Super Kool ? Happpyyyy Birthday to you Buzz


United Kingdom