Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

I was 7 years old, living in Luxembourg, when I saw you on the Moon Adventure. You inspired my life.happy birthday. Sincerly. Giuseppe



Happy birthday Buzz ! I was 12 years old when you walked the moon. Exciting times then and exciting times now!

Kevin Kilness

Reno Nevada

Congratulations for your 90. birthday from Patrizia BEST LUCK for you.



I want to wish buzz a very special happy birthday thank you for everything you do and for your service thank you for making history you a amazing guy 🙂

Nick Bartel

sandy Utah

Hope your birthday is out of this world! You are too cool!!



May the stars shine brightly on this great day. You are very lucky to have had the chance to leave Earth. Your achievements will live on and someday I hope we can discover and learn about other planets.


United States

Dear Buzz, my very best Birthday wishes from GERMANY for Your 90 th Birthday today. When I invited You to Professor HERMANN OBERTH, the FATHER of SPACE TRAVELLING at Feucht/ Germany in 1986, there are many years passed. But I remember Your visit very well at family Oberth, also in Mannheim with BMW. We present Your Photograph at OBERTH SPACE MUSEUM and we had a Special Exhibition in July 2019.for Your 50 th anniversary Apollo 11. Best luck and Health for You Yours Klaus Schramm ( Family Oberth) Zimmermannweg 19 64289 DARMSTADT, GERMANY

Klaus Schramm, Regierungsdirektor


Happiest 90th BDay to Buzz, the hippest astronaut ever!

Kacy Murray


Wishing You good health, hapiness and lot of success and best of luck in life... Happy Birthday Buzz!



Dear Sir, Simply put Sir, you rock. You are my hero and I have few. I admire you and what you did and who you are. Thanks for being so awesome and giving my generation real hero's. Happy 90th Buzz!! Keep enjoying life on earth w us pain folk. You spruce us up down here. ?? Your friend and admirer, BlackBirdFly @quarkythots



Happy birthday Buzz! You’re a true inspiration to people from all generations across the world!

Andrew Pimblott

Wales, UK

Mr. Aldrin, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and am so happy to send you these wishes. Just wanted to say that at 67 and remembering you walking on the Moon and the way you have lived your life, makes me so proud. You make me so happy to be an American. We love you and wish you many more years. Be well. David Struthers

David Struthers

Henderson, NV

Seeing the earth from far away must have been inspiring for life. All the very best Buzz, man on the moon!

Johannes Raggam

Graz / Austria

All the best for an enjoyable 90th birthday celebration ! Sincerely, John Thompson

John Thompson

John Thompson

Happy Birth Day Buzz! Enjoy some rice! But watch that sodium.

Howard Stapf


Auguroni, Buzz!!! Here is to many more! Cheers!!!



Thank you, from the people of Earth, for making this planet smaller, and yet more significant. When we dream of going into space, we dream of being you. And if ever our progress is measured, it can be said that we came this far, because of Buzz, and those like him that go boldly.

A James Brummel

Algonquin Territory (Ottawa, ON)

Happy birthday Buzz! Many happy returns, Dr. Rendezvous!



Very Many Congratulations and it's a joy that you still keep in touch with us.



Happy Birthday, Buzz. I was there watching in Melbourne, Australia, when you walked on the moon, talked to the President, and - another vivid memory - when you spun the can of ham to illustrate the principle of the gyroscope. Happy days. Keep on keeping on and may the Good Lord ride with you all the way.

Peter Hayes

Melbourne, Australia

Happy Birthday Buzz, from someone celebrating on the same day as you. I may have missed the moon landings, but you are an inspiration to those that have and continue to literally follow in your footsteps.



Very best wishes on your 90th birthday Buzz. I hope there will be many more!

Rachel Sparrow

Essex, UK

While a burning candle in space reflecting in the visor obviously was forged - you have REALLY been standing on the moon 🙂 Congratulations and happy birthday to you!

Oliver Hartkopp


You have not only left your legacy here on Earth, but on the moon as well. Happy birthday to a permanent icon for the space lover in all of us.



Happy Birthday! Every time I see the (moon) photos you made, I am stunning and feel happy. Thank you for that big part of history and for your hard work. You are a legend.


Horn, Austria

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz! You're an inspiration to the world. Have a great day ❤ xxxx



Larga vida para ti, eres un ejemplo a seguir.



Happy birthday, Mr Buzz! I met you a few years back in Denver and I will cherish that opportunity forever! You are a true hero!

Juan Gonzalez


Jappyberdey Mr. Aldrin. You're one of my idols. Kind regards from Spain.

David Rico Llewelyn


Heyy buzz Happy birthday you are a major inspiration for all the fellow astronauts and wannabe astronauts



Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for your service to our country and your incredible contribution to the space program. 90 years young... Almost beats walking on the moon, doesn't it? God bless!

Joy Brown


Happy Birthday Man live long and enjoy yourself cause it is also my birthday aswell but im very much younger so have a great day!

Jeremias Alexandersson


Happy Birthday to a true American — as well as cosmic — hero!

Jason Bellifemini

Jason Bellifemini

Happy birthday, Buzz! I’ve been following you for more than 50 years, and I’ll follow you for 50 more. Let’s get our asses to Mars!

Ed Powell

Fairfax VA

Happy birthday Buzz. You are truly inspirational in everything you’ve done and continue to do.

Colette Curry


Happy Birthday, Sir - you've accomplished so much during your years of service. My wish for you is to be surrounded by peace and health and all the things that make you truly happy. Cheers !


Toronto, Canada

Happy 90th Birthday Buzz. You still remain a beacon of light to us.

Buzz Aldrin

Charles Mohapel

С Днём Рождения, динозавр космонавтики!!!))) Наилучшие пожелания из далёкого Сибирского Когалыма! Вы - тот, кто сотворил Историю, величайшее достижение человечества, пик технического прогресса: посадку на Луну. Ваш фанат: Happy Birthday, cosmonautics dinosaur !!!))) Best wishes from the distant Siberian Kogalym! You are the one who created History, the greatest achievement of mankind, the peak of technological progress: landing on the moon. Your fan:


Когалым Россия

Happy Birthday Colonel Aldrin! Thanks for sharing your usually inspirational and always interesting tweets! You have served humanity well. Rock on sir!

Matt Saccomanno


Happy Birthday! Continue inspiring the whole world!

Alexandra Walser


Happiest Birthday Professor Doctor Aldrin, We’re almost there. We can see the ruddy planet succumb to our final robotic assaults. Three Rovers at once in 2020! We’ve picked the site - Jezero Crater they call it. We’re almost there! Keep that silver JFK close. We’re almost there! Where we were meant to be.

Prof Dr Kenneth Michael Beck

Buzz to Mars Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday 90th, Commander!

Andrew Birch

Happy birthday Buzz! Thank you for continually inspiring the country and future astronauts. Have a great time.


Mount Vernon, NY

All the Best to one of my Heros singe my early childhood. Many more returns. BC, Heidelberg, Germany


Heidelberg, Germany

While everyone else was busy with High School Graduation events I was flying over to see my childhood hero, Buzz Aldrin, live in Australia after winning a short essay contest. An impassioned speech about the importance of space and science education for young people that night lead me to cement my childhood dream of becoming a physicist into reality and enrol into university when I got back home. Several years later and I’ve designed satellites, worked on tech projects to make the world a better place and worked towards promoting Science Education for all. Like most young people in science my passion was the result of incredible hero’s like yourself Buzz, without you passion for promoting science education and development most of us would have never stepped towards making our dreams a reality. Thank you for the Last 50 years of promoting Space Science and Education. You have made the impossible a reality, change the world and inspired generations - myself included. Thank you for everything, happy Apollo 50th and happy 90th birthday. I hope it’s magnificent.

Elja Murphy

Auckland, New Zealand

Many Happy returns to you Buzz!! Keep inspiring to millions ahead God bless you! Stay Blessed ⛅


Mumbai India (Bombay)

Still the hero. Have the best birthday Buzz.



Happy Birthday ! Best wishes .

Dear Buzz


Happy Birthday Dr. Aldrin! Thanks for inspiring a mechanical engineering student and spaceflight enthusiast to start and his path to being a part of the next generation of space. Wishing you health and happiness for many years to come!

Yisrael W.