Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Just finished watching Documentary, "Apollo 11". What an amazing accomplishment. I remember watching you on TV with my family. I was thirteen years old. Time goes so quickly, and you have made good use of your time here. Happy (Belated) 90th birthday to you. Thank you for making all Americans part of this wonderful milestone in our history. Best of health to you and your family.

Eileen Herceg-Brown

Eileen Herceg-Brown

Buon compleanno....ciao


Sydney Australia

Sorry I’m late with this Buzz but I hope you get my feeling. Happiest of birthdays to you and many, many more. As kids watching you and the space program our little gang had picked you as our astronaut hero then and so shall you remain to the last of us now old men some still standing. You are the Greatest! All the best Buzz!

Great Buzz

Mike Cigar

Hi Buzz, I gave NASA in 1967 my $50.00 savings bond for space exploration. I was only 7 and dad said I could do with it what I wanted, He was military and cool. I was given a paper as a minuteman which I still have today. I watched you land and later walk on the moon. You have been such an inspiration for all. I have read your book, Magnificent Desolation and love it! Happy Birthday to a man with the biggest balls I know of. God bless you! .

William Shadley


Happy birthday to one of my childhood heros! I was 7 when you walked on the moon, and I was so proud of all of you astronauts. I dreamt of becoming one, and wanted to be a doctor in space, but could not apply for the air force to put me through medical school because I developed health problems. I think you’re in better shape than me!

Larry Ganz

Colorado Springs, CO

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm delighted to be able to wish you a happy birthday,, though belated. Hoping you had a very happy birthday and wishing you cheer throughout the year to come.

Annette Yunker


Happy Birthday Buzz! Thanks for nurturing my passion on space, moonwalkings and astronomy. Have a wonderful day!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Happy birthday Buzz! Thanks for all you've done and all you do!!! Ed

Ed Paris

Edwin Paris

Happy Birthday Buzz ... Admire your heroism!


Randy Shelagowski

Happy belated birthday! Thank you for your amazing contributions to our country.

Buzz Aldrin

James, Theresa, Celia, & Edison

Wishing you a very Happy 90th Birthday, Buzz!!

Drena Putz

Milton, Washington

.2nd person to step on the Moon 1st man from New Jersey and hopefully not the last ..... Happy Birthday, Buzz!!!

Christopher Hoffman

Raritan NJ

It’s a long time since 1969 Happy Birthday



Happy Birthday Mr Buzz, my best wishes. And have a Long long live.

Francisco Cabrales


Sir! Have a wonderful birthday. Think of all the joy you have brought to people of the world. Reflect on the ever lasting impact. Tip of the hat for an American Legend and human with such global impact. God Bless


Devils Tower WY

Happy Birthday Buzz. I was nine years old, when i saw You and Niel, getting out off the Eagle, and do your funny walk on the Moon. I can still play back that scene, in my minds eye. Thank you for all the great things you have done, and still do for us all. .Punching that clown who called you a lair, because you wouldn't swear on his bible, is a real highlight. ( It took a while for me to get my arms down. ). Take care now. God speed Buzz Aldrin. ????‍?????‍♂️

Holger Kolle


Dear Mr Aldrin, Warm wishes and Blessings on your 90th Birthday. You are truly an amazing and inspirational person. Love Umar & Sofia


Huddersfield, England

Happy Birthday Buzz! Because of you I will always remember where I was in July 20, 1969!

Candy Geshwikm

Westervi!le, OH

Happy Birthday Buzz ... 600 million people watched you and Neil Armstrong become the first two humans to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. I was fortunate to have been a part of the TV coverage from the Houston Manned Spacecraft Center ... Cheers ...

Felix Girard

Las Vegas

Happy Birthday, Buzz... live long and prosper!

Michael Kight

North Carolina

Happy Birthday, Buzz ! It was great meeting you a few years back. Thank You Buzz Aldrin and the great Staff @ The Vero Beach Book Center New Book Signing: "No Dream Is Too High"

Jose Omar Castillo

Jose Omar Castillo

Dear Buzz, I can not imagine walking on the moon or being healthy and 90 years old. I am 69 and on my own journey to Hawaii and this was a very BIG trip for me! Lol... Wishing you more amazing adventures in the years AZ head... and quiet moments that are full of loving. Friends and Family. ALOHA Eugenia

Eugenia Donahue

Scottsdale AZ (NYC)

Happy Birthday from Spain!! You are a marvellous person, inspiring thousands of people in the world about science and space. You are an example to follow of what a good person should be



Hey, i'm a fan, great to know your story. and Hapee BirthDay.


Cuddalore India

Buzz Aldrin, Sir your name and exploits are forever etched into the history books and you as a magnificent person are etched into our hearts and minds, God bless you and may you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come

Robert Reeve

Melbourne Australia

Thanks for paving the road. You are a Real American Hero and were before you landed on the Moon. Please continue inspiring others to reach for the stars. I'd be glad to buy you a beer or salute you in person. Chief, Out!

Thomas Randall CWO, Army, ret.

One Old Soldier to One Old Fighter Pilot

Happy Birthday Buzz... We met in Orange Cnty. Calif. In 1986. You took the time to visit the Care Unit in Mission Viejo while I was being treated for my alcohol issue. It was and still is a motivational key in my sobriety... thank you for taking the time to visit. This Oct.8, I will have 34 years of sobriety. It was an honor to have spoken to helped me not feel so alone.. I cherish that memory... Thank you, Mike Baxter

Michael Baxter

Lynnwood, Washington

Happy Birthday Buzz... We met in Orange Cnty. Calif. In 1986. You took the time to visit the Care Unit in Mission Viejo while I was being treated for my alcohol issue. It was and still is a motivational key in my sobriety... thank you for taking fhe time to visit. This Oct.8, I will have 34 years of sobriety. It was an honor to have spoken to you and helping me to not feel so alone.. I cherish that memory... Thank you, Mike Baxter

Michael Baxter

Lynnwood, Washington

Happy Birthday Buzz!!! By me [1957] & my mother Giannina [1920-nov-30]. I encountered, last november, Charlie Duke! ... and when You??? 🙂 Un abbraccio, ciao! Con affetto Roberto

Roberto Bizzotto

ITALY - Galliera Veneta, near Padua

Happy Birthday Sir, I was 2 years old when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. At that time I dreamed of being an astronaut and exploring space. I never got to do that but I can still dream and you have always been part of that dream. Thank You for inspiring me so long ago.

Gregory Bledsoe

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUZZ! You are so inspiring. I hope you’re doing great.

Felicia Johansson


Happy ninetieth lap around the sun! Don't forget that you are loved here! Come visit anytime? I've got your lift ticket. Your friends, Butter Biscuit and Muffin

Dale Eversole

Winter Park Colorado

Have a happy birthday to a very accomplished guy! All the best!

Kathi Duffy

Kathi and Bill Duffy

Happy Birthday!

sara roetta


All the best to Mr Buzz Aldrin ! May you have a wonderful 90th birthday! I am the girl who met you at Apollo 11 50th anniversary Gala in CA July 2019 , I gave my drawing "creator" to you as a gift hope you like it ! You are the hero in my heart! God Bless You !

Angelina Cao

New York USA

Sending you HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes from Sardinia. All the best for the next decade, above all health. I will never forget your walk on the moon, I was 11 years old and absolutely fascinated in front of our TV!

Sabrina Theis

Germany, loving in Italy

In honor of your 90th, I am wearing my dad ‘s ( Jim Raleigh) 25th Anniversary Buzz astronaut watch each day of January. It brings me joy and awe of the Apollo accomplishments.

Catherine Love

Congratulations on your 90th Birthday, and your acheivements in 1969. Still an inspiration in 2020, The Force Will Be With You... Always.

Phil Heard


Thanks to your example and NASA I started a small business that I loved and enjoyed for 25years.

Hank Silvia

Titusville Tequesta

Happy 90-th, and at least 90 more (with new life-extension technologies!)


Berkeley, CA

Happy 90th Buzz. You're an inspiration.

Buzz Aldrin

Cliff Souza

To one of the few who have walked on the moon all the very best on your 90th Birthday and see you on Mars soon Buzz .

Ken & Judy O' Neill


To infinity and beyond!

Mark Cleary

Brevard County, FL

Happy Belated Birthday! Love all the work and effort you put in for everything. Keep continuing to change the world everyday!

Ben Reidford


Happy 90th Buzz !!

Ken Young

Independence, Ks

Happy Birthday to a Great American Pioneer! Long life and health on your 90th birthday.

Richard and Lillian Dexter

Zephyrhills, FL

Take good care ... many of us would like to hear of , you, tell of your experiences out there personally



I'm hoping that you birthday is fantastic.

Sheila Steele

Fort Worth Tx

Congratulations Buzz on your 90th Earth revolution around the sun - or more to the point perhaps, on your 1203rd lunar revolution around the Earth - you made its orbital motion your own. Shaking your hand dear sir!

Vaughan Stone

The UK

A Blessed Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

glen m. jones

The Villages, of Lady Lake, Fl.