Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy birthday!!! I can only hope to age as gracefully.



Get Buzzed and live to infinity and beyond! Happy Birthday! You are a true American hero! What's scarier Buzz? The terror you saw in Antarctica or Donald Trump? I loved your facial responses to his drivel of a speech. You are a classic! Stay Golden!



Happy Birthday, Buzz Aldrin! You are a hero forever. Thank you for your courage and for serving your country and mankind. God Bless You, Katherine Ambrosio

Katherine Ambrosio

Albany, NY

Happy birthday to you. I once read your story/history when In High school and in University. Pleased to hear that you still around and looking young.

Peter David

Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea

To Infinity and Beyond!



Happy Birthday to a hero. Thank you for getting us there

Harlan Papert


I am doing a project on your life. I think it's so cool that you are still designing space inventions! Have a happy birthday!

David Grubb

Waynesboro, Georgia

Moon pretty Moon!, exciting to see your white appearance, like a ball moving around the Earth showing only one side in adherence..The barren surface isolated, but your magic of Moonlight illuminated , making the night glow in dark, your wonderful signature mark. Moon pretty Moon ! a natural beauty with crescent , half, gibbous and full to boon .Happy birthday to you brother and happy to know about your journey to outer space on Lunar grounds with the flag of humanity and peace to step on Pretty Moon..

Nazhat Khan


Happy Birthday to the Original Buzz Light Year. To Infinity and Beyond!!

Tony Palka

Columbus OH--IO

Dr. Aldrin, You are Truly a National Hero and You Continue to Inspire All Humanity. I have Followed Manned Spaceflight since I was 3 Years Old and Watched you and Neil Armstrong Walk on the MOON. I regret I am not that good at Math, I Always wanted to Follow your Example, My Great Nephew is 7 and is Already Planning a Trip to MARS. He will Hopefully Succeed. Best Wishes on Your Birthday and We Hope Many More.

Dr. Edwin "Buzz"Aldrin

Curtis Dean Olson

Dear Buzz, Happy 90th birthday to a True American Hero! Your unbridled courage and fearless determination come to mind each time I gaze at Apollo 11 photos or watch that awe inspiring Apollo 11 movie! You aren't 90 years old -- but rather, 90 years young. You have accomplished so many amazing feats that it makes many of us earthlings long for the chance to do the same.. If only we could! Those brilliant minds, yours included, that made that historic trip possible are from a bygone era -- like the painters of the great renaissance. An era that most likely won't be repeated -- because like you, it was so extraordinary. Happy Birthday Buzz -- the world will always be grateful to you for taking us into outer space, and showing us what it's like to SKIP ACROSS THE SURFACE OF THE MOON!

Buzz Aldrin

Monique Dessel

Happy Birthday! I recently received a thank you from you for my donation to National Space Society. I am at present VP of Programs for the Astronomy Club of Augusta we serve the Central Savannah River Area with Outreach, Lectures and Dedicated Dark Site for Observing. We meet twice a month: Once for a lecture , once for observing.You are one of our heroes! And when I saw your name on the NSS letter I became excited. We have been trying for decades to get an astronaut in person or via electronic means to address our club. Any chance we might connect with you!? Happy Birthday again and Thank you!

Kenneth Beard

Augusta, Ga.

Happy Birthday, Buzz! We remember your 1969 venture. With such appreciation.



Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you have done for NASA and our country.. I you could help us get our manned program running like you did for space walking and Gemini. We be on our way again. Thanks again and God Blees.

James Brown

Alles Gudds Buzz, vir dain Geburtsdag

Jaerling Mike

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

I want to wish you a funtastic 80th birthday Buzz, and may your life work and keen mind continue to light our inner world with great sentiments andmemories of your great achievements for many years to come. love, joe

Joseph Clay Roehl

Texas and New Zealand

Hi buzz it's me that little boy who took the family portrait with your daughter's dog that wouldn't stop waging his tail at your house in Montclair best wishes many more happy birthdays in health and happiness other picture I took of you next to a jet on the tarmac w/family & told you to have one picture in the comand module with a micrometer


Clifton NJ & Kearny NJ

Proud to say & write to: Astrounat Aldrin Our mothers share same parents 1658 America same mom same dad James nichols1775 and 1662 Mary. Poole 1711 I really like my Grand pa Reed his cousin is your mom's mom Faye Arnold Moon You were a good person then you are a great person now well that's the goal ever May God , and to God's glory happy birthday buzz light year Eugene Aldrin



Hi Buzz, have a great birthday. I was 11 years old and watched you walk on the moon all those years ago . Fascinated then and still today. Your a national hero and treasure . All the very best for your 9th birthday. Regards Steve Howe

Steve Howe

United Kingdom

Happy Birthday

Antonio Metastasio


I was married for exactly one month when my new wife and I watched you on the moon on a little black and white TV in our little one bedroom apartment. I fly a 46 J3 Cub which is 20 days older than me. I have read all of your books and saw you and other Apollo astronauts at Oshkosh in 2017. Wish I could meet you in person sometime. Happy 90th and many more...hope you can see man land on Mars

Jim New

Tampa FL

Parents Thanks for remembering your Parents Moon Aldren Appropriate 2025 Peace then Peace Again 1930



Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for your inspiration and relentless ambition to reach the Moon. I wish you another great 90 years. Oh, by the way, did you see any aliens when you landed? Sorry, I had to ask...ha, ha. Best wishes, Erik T Long

Erik T Long

Erik T Long

I was a young teenager in The Bronx, riveted to the TV watching the moon mission; an indelible memory! Many thanks to a courageous American....and Happy Birthday!

Joe Conti

Colbert, Georgia

Happy birthday! What a wonderful 90 years! Here’s a wish for many more!

Karen Long

Terre Haute, Indiana

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Buzz Aldrin!????? This occasion brings back a flood of fantastic memories for this Baby Boomer of your courage, dedication, & sense of adventure during the historic Moon Landing! ?Thank you for being one of America's greatest Heroes ??, and continuing to inspire others through your passion to LIVE Life! May you enjoy a FABULOUS 90th BIRTHDAY celebration, and continue many more healthy, happy, adventurous years to come! ? Happy Trails!?



Happy birthday, Buzz! I'm a 72 year old lifelong space buff who remembers not only your moon mission but also your work with the Gemini project. I write for Flagpole Magazine/ here in Georgia and in my Street Scribe column last summer I wrote about the Apollo 11 50th anniversary. Read me at and check out my website if you get a chance. I've read and enjoyed both your autobiographies and hope you have a happy birthday and many more. Keep 'em flying!

Ed Tant

Athens, Georgia

Happy Birthday, sir! The Apollo astronauts were my heroes growing up, and y'all were my biggest inspiration to dream big and push the limits! Happy 90th Birthday, Dr. Aldrin. I do hope to meet you someday. Loved your book: Aiming High: Life Lessons From A Man Who Walked on the Moon. I learned a lot, and I recommend it to everyone that I come across.

Maria Prange

Cocoa Beach

An inspiration for present and future generations. Happy birthday Buzz!!

Arnout Everts

Kuala Lumpur

You guys were the greatest heroes ever to this wide-eyed schoolkid. Best wishes Buzz!

William Travis

William Travis

Watching you walk on the moon was one of my greatest inspirations to join the Air Force 42 years ago, on my 18th birthday. Praying you will continue to reach for your dreams! Here's to 2050 and beyond!

Jo'Anne Pugliese

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Happy Birthday Buzz! I remember watching you guys on the Moon when I was in grade school. They wheeled a TV into the classroom so all us kids could watch. Always have been inspired by those times. Thank you Mike

Mike McClelland

East Peoria, Illinois




Happy 90th to you Sir! Thank you for your service, your contribution to humanity, your inspiration you’ve brought to so many & May God continue to bless you as you’ve blessed so many others.?

Lin Hale


Happy Birthday, Buzz! I truly admire your adventurous spirit, and contribution to humanity. You seem like a really cool dude too!

Pamela Margetis

Phoenix, AZ

Happy Birthday Buzz. I walked outside and looked at the moon the moment you stepped out into history. Marvelous moment, Heroic.

Ian King


A very Happy Birthday Buzz. I Remember that amazing Walk on the moon . I was amazed...I believe that was when our American Flag was placed there...I hope you have the best Birthday Ever. Hugs...?♥️???????



Happy 90th Birthday Buzz!!! I was born 2 days before you walked on the moon and I have always felt very honored to be born at such an awesome time in history! I have always looked up to you for your bravery and contribution to the space program. I know that you weren’t the only astronaut on Apollo 11, but you are by far my favorite! I could only wish to make it to 90 years old like you have and wish you many more birthdays to come. Thank you for your service sir! God bless the USA! ??

Richie Pierce

Central Florida

Dr. Aldrin- Best wishes for a very happy birthday! Thank you very much for your service, and for bringing all of humanity together for that one wondrous moment.

Dave Driscoll

Taunton, MA

I was ten years old when you guise walked on the moon, we will never forget that moment in time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! BUZZ!!!

Stephen Earl Pearce

Loudonville, Ohio 44842

Happy Birthday. I grew up living across the street from the Crowells in Omaha. Cathy and I were best friends and still keep in touch and see each other often. Our entire neighborhood was very excited on the day you walked on the moon.

Patti (King) Oldon

South Dakota

Happy happy birthday Buzz.!!!! I was your niece's biology lab partner in high school (Cathy ) She saved me by dissecting that frog! I had moved from New Jersey 3 years before I met her but we never talked about New Jersey until 40 years later! Small world!

Marilyn Shafer

Ponca City Oklahoma

Can't believe you used a sliderule! So glad you are on a US postage stamp! And you can dance, too! I am honored to wish you a Happy 90th! Carol in Ohio

Carol Kotun

Stow, Ohio

Happy Birthday Buzz! Thank you for your inspiration to reach for the stars.


Dayton, Ohio

Happy (belated) Birthday Buzz. Thank you for your service to this great country and God Bless the USA!


Bruce from Orlando, FL

Happy Birthday, Buzz! I want to be an astronaut one day like you were. I read one of your books. I wish I could meet you someday. Today is a great day for you! Have the happiest birthday ever! ?



Happy Birthday to a real American Hero ........

Dewey Burton


An American hero like you deserves a truly wonderful birthday all these years after that historic moon landing. I imagine even now you can still picture the earth you saw from the moon all those years ago. You are one of the many great American minds in history and I'm proud to send you this message. Happy birthday!!!!

Roderick Conboy

Buzz, You are my favorite American and a Hero to boot. In the words of my generation, "Keep on Truckin' "... Greg Young

Gregory Young

Orangevale, California

Happy Birthday Mr. Aldrin and thank you for all you did for the world. The names of Edwin "Buzz" Adrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins will be echoed for all eternity. Once again, thank you and May God Bless you.

Mark Maestas

Pueblo Colorado