Your Birthday Messages to Buzz:

Happy Birthday Buzz!!

Tom Reuter


Dear Buzz, thank you for serving our country in this mystic manner. I was a ten-year old glued to her TV set when you landed on the moon! Thank you for making me believe that anything is possible! Happiest Birthday ever!!

Vicki St. James

Bottom line Buzz? You are a total bad-ass! Long live Buzz!



Thank you for your contribution to mankind.

Buzz Aldrin

Edward Janz

Happy Birthday Buzz From everyone at New Jersey Astronomical Association/ Edwin E. Buzz Aldrin Learning Center / Paul Robinson Observatory. We wish you all the best.

Dianne Garlock

New Jerser Astronomical Association NJ

Happy Birthday! Your efforts on behalf of our space program put all of us, in spirit with you, on the moon. Thank you.

Michael Sullivan

Fredonia, New York

Happy Birthday Buzz! I had the great privilege of being at your launch on July 16, 1969! I was 12 years old and can say it was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Thank you for your service and sacrifice to your country! I honor you today and wish you many more!! God bless you!

Charlie Reyes

Miami Florida

Happy birthday, Buzz! With your epic challenging flight to the Moon you made me dream to become an astronaut some time ago... in the meantime I'm happy to observe the Moon through my telescope.

Giovanna Ranotto


Happy 90 th birthday Buzz! We are all so proud of you and all you have done for science and space exploration! I would love to know what happened in Antarctica, I think there’s so much more information we need to know. Hope you write a book about your experiences lately! Love ❤️ Charlene

Buzz Aldrin

Charlene Lelievre

Hope your birthday was a joyous day with Neil in your heart.



Happy Birthday to my American hero. Many more to you. Safe travels and tell the story of exploration. Mars we come.

Samuel c. Hill


Happy Birthday To a true American hero....?

Buzz Aldrin

John Williams

Happy Birthday Buzz what a great achievement in reaching 90 and from the photo you are looking in great shape. I followed the Apollo space programme avidly as a child and was woken by my father to see a fuzzy black and white picture of the lem on the moon's surface.. This has stayed with me all my life what an awesome achievement the Apollo programme was. Sending you all the best wishes and here's to many more Birthdays cheers Adrian

Adrian Stone

Te Awanga, New Zealand

Happy birthday Buzz! You are a hero ! Xxx

Frankan Bennici

Friend of Bill.W

Thanks for all that you have done, for what you are doing and for what you will do. Thanks from Italy and Sardinia. You are the best, Buzz

Massimo Dionisi


Happy Birthday Buzz !!! You’ve always shown that you have the Right Stuff! You make me proud to be an American in a time when that is sometime hard to do.

Lee Graves

Lee Graves

happy birthday buzz aldren from tasmania austraila your birthday is so close to mine i am 63 years and 8 days younger than yourself i have seen you and neil armstrong walk on the moon many times hope you have a great 9oth year ps my great grandma lived to 102 almost thanks josiah


Happy birthday Dr. Aldrin and many more to come. God bless you.?????.

Jack Walker

Jack Walker

Happy BDay Mr. Aldrin, a true American hero.???

Kevin Cook

Macedonia, Ohio

Joyeux anniversaire!! May have continue to inspire for many decades to come!

Rick LeBlanc

Alberta Beach, Aberta

You have inspired me for decades. Much love and Happy Birthday!

Kim Lawson

Lilburn Georgia

I wish you a very happy birthday! You are an inspiration to all Americans. Hopefully we will have mankind on the moon again and get our asses to Mars! I live right up the road from you in Titusville. I’d love to run into you on the beach. Lol, I’d die! ?. ❤️

Anne Dobbins

Anne Dobbins

You have been a hero to me since my young adulthood. Along with the other astronauts and NASA programs, it’s all captured my heart for nearly my whole life. I’m seventy and I thank you for decades of dreams and wonders that went far beyond our planet and it’s worries and hardships. As an avowed ‘space nut’ I applaud you on your ninetieth birthday Buzz and send much love and admiration.

Nora Kildahl

Washington state

Happiest of birthdays to you! I am 62 years old and have been so fascinated with the space program since I was a kid. As a matter of fact, I had dreams about being the first woman on the moon ❤️

Joan and Cindi Jacobs (mother and daughter)

Spotsylvania, VA

Happy 90th Buzz! We'll see you on the Dark side of the Moon.

Colleen Mayle

David & Colleen Mayle

Happy Birthday and Many more. You were always an inspiration to us. You contributed so much to the success of Apollo. And were courageous to always say your beliefs and not always go with the flow. And as far as we are concerned, Both YOU and Neil landed on the moon at the same time! We have seen you several times in the past few years while you were in DC. I only hope that I still maintain the energy, wisdom and vision that you have as I age. God bless, The Georgiou’s

Chris, Melissa, Andrew, Sarah, and Christina

Leonardtown, Maryland.

My. best greetings to your birthday from me and the German Youth Working Group Cosmos !

Bernhard Priesemuth

Berlin, Germany

Dear Buzz best greetings to your birthday and a long life ! I'm 50 years your Fan

Bernhard Priesemuth


A big happy birthday!

Egeria Natilli

Naples, Italy

Happy 90th Buzz. Thank you for all you have done for me over the years and for inspiring my kids All the best to you and your family

Gregg Gerlach

Evergreen Colorado

I hope your 90th birthday is a super special one. I have admired you and followed you for a long time. I'm really impressed with all you have accomplished.!

To Buzz

Ginger Comstock

Buzz, Happy Birthday sir. You, Neil and Michael have always been my heros. I am now 64 years old and remember being glued to the tv back on July 20, 1969. I would have loved to shake your hand. Enjoy your day!!!! Sincerely, Fred Stites Adrian, Michigan


Fred Stites

Happy rockin 90’s BUZZ! You changed our world vision and touched my life as well as my Grandma’s life - ‘dare to dream it will become you’! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all and for helping me with my art back in the ‘90’s! You are my hero BUZZ!

Cinde Lou Delmas

Cinde Lou Delmas

Baz, Happy birthday!!! Thank you for everything. You made a breakthrough and will remain in history. Moscow



Happy BD! You and all your fellow space travelers have always been my heroes. I always want to be in the space program when I was little. I am from Muskingum County, Ohio. I live about 30 min from the home of John Glenn. Here's to many more years of fun and excitement! Thank you for your service.

Julie Davis


A very Happy Birthday sir. I was one of the '400000' Apollo Project employees (astronautical engg.) while in Huntsville, AL from 1964 - 1966. I had the privilege to work on the first stage flight performance, the launch escape system, and the flight/celestial mechanics studies for TLI. Yours and Neil's successful landing was a culmination of an amazing effort by SO MANY !! To this day I have never witnessed such a high level Esprit de Corp as that which I encountered at all levels for those associated with the Apollo Project. The best to you and continued good health !

Chuck Thuot

Have a great day, Buzz. As they say here in Scotland "Lang may yer lum reek" (long may your chimney smoke). Best wishes. Irwin McLean.

Irwin McLean

Aultbea, Wester Ross, Scotland

Happy birthday Buzz from your MONTCLAIR friend Retired Fire Chief Kevin Allen. Hope you’re feeling well and enjoying yourself. Take care and I hope to see you again!

Fire Chief Kevin Allen


I have NEVER met you in real. If it will happen? I am not sure. All I know when you and Niel walked on the moon, my dad was watching on the Blach and white YYV he and my mom had. He was a handyman like you. He is long time gone, but you are still here. Happy Birthday Old champ!

Peter Matros


15 years ago, I named my son after you. Buzz is now a freshman in high school, part of the robotics team and is building his own computer and operating system from scratch! I think you KNOW you are an inspiration to many... but I don't think you will ever know how deep and how long that inspiration runs. Thank you for representing all humankind so well. -Will and Buzz



I met you in Dragon Com and sci-fi guest events I worked with. You were very nice to us. You understood our efforts. Thank You Again for furthering mankind, and creating hope for humanity.. Congratulations! I know you helped Elon Musk.. I know Glenn appreciates it.?

Julie Dragon Con

Nice ashville

Happy Birthday to a real American hero! ?????????

Sean Fleming


Happy birthday Colonel Dr. Edwin Buzz Aldrin i brought a copy of your autobiography years ago what a great read you Neil and Michael have always been heroes of mine.I hope you enjoyed your birthday!



God Bless You Buzz. I watched and admired you as a little boy. I continue to watch and admire you as I approach my 60 th birthday. David Link



Happy Birthday!! You are awesome from the moon walk on the moon to the one on dancing with the stars! Thankyou for all the risks you took to have us understand our universe better.



Happy birthday Dr. Aldrin! May God continue to bless you sir! I was in 3rd grade during the Apollo flights and the teachers gathered us and we all watched on TV together. Awesome!! Thank you!

Warren Feller

Warren Feller

Dearest Buzz, AVery Blessed 90th Birthday. It's an honor and privilege to wish you. I greatly admire your faith in God.The Holy Communion on the Moon.God keep you to witness for His Son Lord Jesus



I was there at Cape Kennedy for the launch of Apollo 11. Thank you for inspiring me to work hard, find my passion in life, and to dare to dream. It all paid off. I got to work for NASA. Thank you Mr. Aldrin, and a very Happy Birthday to you.

Tom Estill


I was 15 years old when you walked on the moon. I was glued to the television to watch your historic mission along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins. I was with you in spirit on that day and I am with in spirit on you 90th birthday. You are a true American hero. Congratulations on your 90th birthday.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Larry Gabler

Happy Birthday Buzz! You have been our idol and symbol of one who literally reached beyond the stars:) We wish you health and joy always! With love, The Goodrich Family

Goodrich Family

Goodrich Family